Better Tillson Moving Average for MT4


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Hi there,

A new King of Moving Average is crowned. Here’s why:

There’s new research showing that this custom Moving Average (called Tillson Moving Average) is the most accurate Moving Average, producing the highest percentage of winning trades. “Thanks to all the extra smoothing which has reduced many of the false signals” (excerpt from the research paper which you can read here)

Here’s a snapshot of the results from this research:

(You can read the full paper here)

This research was conducted by an indenpendent trader and used a simple strategy: Go long every time the moving average turns up and close the position when it turns down.

The results from this research really shock me. It goes to show how powerful such a simple strategy can be if you use the right tools.

And that’s why we’re so excited to bring you the…

“Better Tillson Moving Average” Indicator

Low lag, very smooth, and fast-reactive to market changes.

To understand just how good it is, take a look at this chart:

Did you notice how the Better Tillson Moving Average hugs the price tighter. That means, it tracks price movement with very little lag, while the traditional Exponential Moving Average seriously lags behind price data.

Here’s another chart to illustrate this point:


This less-lag feature of the Better Tillson Moving Average is particularly useful when the market is moving fast. It reacts to these sudden price changes faster and allows you to get in a trade much sooner. You no longer have to wait for your moving averate to catch up.

Maybe the most common way people use moving average is Crossover. A moving average crossover (for example, between 50-day moving average and 100-day moving average) indicates a change in market trends.

But the problem is: The traditional Exponential Moving Average Crossover occurs very late. And that means, you’re late to the party and miss a significant portion of the trend.

Here’s an example:


Now, if we replace Exponential Moving Average with Better Tillson Moving Average, let’s see whether we could improve our entry:


The Better Tillson Moving Average would have allowed us to enter much sooner. Not just a little sonner. But a lot. In this case, 5 weeks earlier.

Not only does the Better Tillson Movinga Average significant reduce lag, it also improves smoothness.

Take a look at this chart:


In this example, you can see that the Exponential Moving Average turns up and down a lot, giving you a lot of false signals, while our Better Tillson Moving Average is very smooth, eliminating many of these false signals.

And I think this is key to its accuracy, as shown by the research I mentioned above.

Anyway, did you notice that…

“Better Tillson Moving Average” changes its color every time it turns up or down…

This feature makes your job as a trader easier. With just one look at the indicator, you immediately know whether the moving average and the trend is up or down. And you can easily spot when the trend changes direction.

Now, let’s talk about the “Better Tillson Moving Average” Package you get today:

The first component of the package is, of course, the Better Tillson Moving Average with less lag and improved smoothness. The best of both worlds.

But we’re not stopping there. We go an extra mile and also give you:

The “Better Tillson Crossover” Indicator…

This indicator gives you a visual, audio, and pop-up alert as soon as a crossover between a short-term Tillson Moving Average and a long-term Tillson Moving Average occurs.

A very useful tool in your toolbox.

Not only that, you’ll also get:

The “Better Tillson Crossover Histogram” Indicator…


This indicator measures the difference between a short-term Tillson Moving Average and a long-term Tillson Moving Average. Generally, as this value increases, the trend is getting stronger. And as this value decreases, the trend is getting weaker.

And last but not least, you also get:

The “Better Tillson MACD” Indicator…

MACD is one of the most popular indicators. And it’s very useful for gauging momentum and detecting divergence. This “Better Tillson MACD” indicator is a modified version of the traditional MACD, using the Better Tillson Moving Average in its calculation instead of traditional moving average.

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