Contrarian Picker for MT4


📌 Gives instant and accurate alerts in ALL market conditions. Rest assured that you can’t go wrong with them.
📌 Identifies new trends when everyone else hasn’t got a clue what’s going on.
📌 Predicts major trend reversals in a timely manner. So you can be the first to enter profitable trades.

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What exactly is this indicator?

When the price closes above the green line, it’s a market top.

When the price closes below the red line, it’s a market bottom.

Trading reversals is now super-easy. Well… at least for me it is.

Thanks to a new invention that we aptly named: the “Contrarian Picker” indicator.

Contrarian Picker combines contrarian trading strategies and mean reversion phenomenon to identify when the prices are over- and undervalued. And helps you easily find market tops & bottoms.

And if you’re not familiar with contrarian trading… well… it’s simply this: Trading against existing market trends and exploiting herd behavior to the fullest.

That often means selling when others are buying, and buying when others are selling.

By using mean reversion, Contrarian Picker helps you see buying opportunities in prices that are selling for below their intrinsic values.

And see selling opportunities when the prices are selling above their values.

As you’ll soon see, this simple idea of buying low and selling high can help boost your profits dramatically.

Pioneer indicator combines mean reversion and contrarian market theories to determine accurate entry points.

Mean reversion suggests that prices, after extreme price movements, will revert to their long-term average levels.

Instead of calculating the average levels of the prices, Contrarian Picker uses the probability theory to smoothen the prices and produce a price channel.

When the prices revert to the channel after moving out of it, Contrarian Picker detects the prices are about to go against the existing trends.

Based on that, it identifies great entry points for you.

In fact, Contrarian Picker is the first indicator that unites mean reversion and contrarian market theories to precisely detect reversal points and new trends.

Contrarian Picker gives instant and accurate alerts in ALL market conditions

The way it works is based on the combination of contrarian market theories and mean reversion. Those are applicable in all market conditions.

When the market is trending or moving sideways, Contrarian Picker can always detect great trade setups.

So, rest assured that you can’t go wrong with its alerts.

Have a look at this chart below to see how accurate it is.

Contrarian Picker identifies new trends when everyone else hasn’t got a clue what’s going on

The common problem that traders face is that you would follow the crowd and believe it is safe to trade with the trends.

But, more often than not, new trends occur before you can recognize them.

When they come to your awareness, you are already too late.

In such a case, you could suffer from a huge loss.

That’s where this new breakthrough comes in.

Its algorithm combines the rationality and statistical analysis. And makes it super-accurate in trend detection.

That way, it can put you ahead of the game, and skyrocket your profits.

Contrarian Picker can accurately predict major trend reversals in a timely manner

If reversals were easy to spot, trading would be simple. But they aren’t.

Sometimes reversals happen so fast that even seasoned traders can’t react timely. Because of that, they can’t avoid losses.

But with Contrarian Picker, predicting reversals becomes easy.

If that is a major reversal, you will be the first to enter the profitable trade and rake it in.

Contrarian Picker detects precise pullback entries when the market is trending

When the market is trending, Contrarian Picker accurately determines pullbacks and give you great entries.

So you can take advantage of the retracements and enter profitable trades.

Have a look at the interesting chart below to see how precise it is in picking pullback entries.

Now you have seen how great this Contrarian Picker indicator is.

But it gets better…

“There’s a lot more where that came from.”

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