Logic Trendline for MT4


📌 New “Logic Trendline” Indicator Automatically Draws The CORRECT Trendline For You…
📌…By Utilizing The Most Accurate Trendline Algorithm… Proven Through Statistical Testing…
📌 So you can be sure price respects your trendlines more often… your stop loss is safer… and you win more trades…

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Hey there,

Do you sometimes feel like the market is playing a joke on you?

I felt that way so many times.

I mean… does this sounds familiar? The market is obviously in an uptrend. You draw a perfect trendline the way everybody draws. Something like this:

So far so good. Then price retraces, and touches your trendline. A perfect buy, right? So you buy.

Watch what happens:

Oh no, not again.

Sometimes I feel like the market’s playing a joke on me. Seriously.

How many times did I watch the same scenario happen already? As soon as I entered the trade, price pierced right through my trendline, triggered my stop loss. And then shot up in MY original direction.

Trendlines are supposed to work, you know? Price is supposed to respect trendline, isn’t it?

Here’s the problem with most trendlines:

It’s subjective. Almost like every trader has a different way of drawing trendlines.

Because there’s a lot of variables: Should I connect the body or should I connect the wicks? Which swing lows (or swing highs) should I pick? Etc…

No wonder everybody feels confused and overwhelmed.

But what if there’s a tool that eliminates all that confusion and subjectivity.

What if there’s an indicator that AUTOMATICALLY draws the CORRECT trendline for you?

By “correct”, I mean the trendline that has the best chance of working. In other words, the trendline that price respects.

And if the market does break through this trendline, there’s a high probability that a REVERSAL is coming…


LogicTrendline Indicator

Here’s how it works:

Once you put the indicator on your chart, it automatically draws the trendline… that has the greatest chance of working… on your chart for you.

So you can be confident trading with that trendline. You never feel lost and confused again.

For example, here’s one simple way to use LogicTrendline:

You put the indicator on your chart. And it draws a trendline like this for you:

See what happens when price tested this trendline:


This time, it works…

The LogicTrendline is holding super strong as support. Price moves in YOUR direction immediately. An easy win…

Here’s ANOTHER way to use LogicTrendline:

I call it The Reversal Trade. It’s pretty simple.

Here’s how it works: When price breaks through the LogicTrendline, there’s a high probability that a REVERSAL will happen. In other words, price will continue in that reverse direction.

So you can just sell when price breaks through an uptrend line…, and buy when price breaks through a downtrend line.

By the way, the Logic Trendline indicator will generate an ALERT for you as soon as a trendline break happens.

So you will never miss out on an important trade…

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