MA Cross Channel for MT4


📌 Identify a totally new high-probability pullback setups by combining “custom “ moving average and a “no-delay” price channel

📌 Pinpoint pullback setups with perfect timing

📌 Boost your trend trading to a whole new level

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What exactly is this indicator?


MA Cross Channel identifies a totally new high-probability pullback setups by combining “custom “ moving average and a “no-delay” price channel.

It gives you a bearish trade alert when the moving average crosses the upper band of the channel in a downward trend.

And a bullish trade alert when the moving average crosses the lower band of the channel in an upward trend.

Nobody uses this kind of setup before. But it’s very powerful.

Let me explain:

Price channels are very useful in finding support and resistance levels, and they can help gauge the momentum and direction of a trend. A lot traders like to use price channels to identify breakouts when prices cross the support/resistance levels. But…

Many times the breakouts fail and prices just pull back inside the channel. These failed breakouts, however, present GREAT opportunities for pullback setups.

That’s why our team designs the MA Cross Channel indicator to pinpoint the profitable pullback setups by combining no-lag price channels and another great trading tool, the Moving Average (MA).

MA smoothens out the ‘noise’ of short-term price fluctuations, and help identify and define significant underlying trends more readily.

MA Cross Channel combines the strengths of these two great tools, fused with our sophisticated Triple Confirmation Algorithm to give you the DREAM indicator for pullback trading.


MA Cross Channel pinpoints pullback setups with perfect timing


MA Cross Channel indicator flashes the sell (bearish) alert when the MA crosses the upper band of the channel in a downward trend. The sell signal is displayed as a red arrow pointing downward.

Likewise, it alarms the buy (bullish) alert when the MA crosses the lower band of the channel, in an upward fashion. The buy signal is represented as a blue arrow pointing upward.

Take a look at the example of two simple and easy winning trades MA Cross Channel helps identify that net a neat profit.

MA Cross Channel works with ELEVEN Different MAs


MA Cross Channel allows you to switch among eleven MA types, so you can select your favorite MA out of 11 types of custom MA coded in the indicator’s core engine.

The 11 MA types were blended with our patent-pending technology and data-proven algorithm, to successfully build a new indicator no one has ever imagined.

And, rest assured that you can easily use each one of the MA to find trend signals, buy and sell, stop loss and take profit… to boost your trading and bring your skills to the next level.

Here’s another example of this amazing indicator in action.

In the chart above, I used MA Cross Channel indicator and selected SMA type. As you can see, the indicator spots a great setup where the price starts pulling back after a failed breakout.

If you follow the red arrow and sell, the trade would net a nice profit. No sweat, no pain.

Three Simple Steps To Profit With MA Cross Channel Indicator

Step 1: Select YOUR favorite MA type.

Step 2: Follow the Alerts, Buy with an Up Blue arrow, Sell with a Down Red arrow.

Step 3: Set TP and SL levels as provided.

And you can then sit back and relax as


MA Cross Channel Indicator does all the heavy lifting for you to identify the high-probability trade setups at great timing.


Great timing equals more profit.


But hold on, I still have plenty of charts to show to you.

Let’s look at another fantastic example.

In the chart above, I used MA Cross Channel with Tillson MA.

The indicator again identifies a great pullback setup, netting a nice 80 something-pip winning trade.

So astonished?

Not yet finished, my fellow. I am so eager that I want to share with you as many examples as possible.


MA Cross Channel indicator boosts your trend trading to a whole new level…


Let’s look at the third chart as shown below to see what I mean by that.

In this chart, I selected JMA type.

Normal price channel indicators would have predicted a breakout near the blue-arrow position as price apparently broke the support level…

However, MA Cross Channel indicator, with the combined strength of MA and price channel fused with our time-tested algorithm, spotted that position as a pullback.

Needless to say, the price actually moved back up into the channel, and a long order following the blue arrow will net some nice pips.

That’s what this MA Cross Channel indicator is about.


Accurate Entry + SL and TP = Easy Win


But, if you look closely at the methodology and algorithm used by MA Cross Channel, you will find that it is not simple at all.

The backend development has struggled through rigorous testing, prolonged coding, and endless discussions.

The display itself helps you spot exact entries, together with precise SL and TP levels. At least it appears too easy.

However, in order to achieve that simplicity, the smartest manpower in the field, together with our time-tested algorithm and patent-pending technology, had to go through utmost effort and intense hard-work.

In fact, to build up the channel, our excellent engineers have spent more than 6 months for trial and error.


You will never find such a powerful indicator that combines the strengths of Price Channel and MA…


To further explain to you the powerful features of this indicator, I will show you how the 11 sets of Moving Average exactly pinpoints the trade setups including entries, TP and SL levels. Here, I just flash some real-life examples using my four favorite MA types

1) Kaufman’s Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA)

The MA Cross Channel with KAMA type spots the pullback and gives an alert for a very nice winning trade. Imagine this is YOU who consistently make these kinds of trades, just by following the signal.

Get this fabulous indicator to start placing these winning trades.

2) Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

You see, MA Cross Channel with EMA type exactly identifies the bearish trade alert. Right after that, the price shrinks enormously.

Straight away add this fabulous indicator to my cart.

3) Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)

Another pullback and bearish trade alert are correctly predicted by MA Cross Channel with TEMA type.

So neat and precise, isn’t it?

Straight away add this fabulous indicator to my cart.

4) Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA)

Another easy win.

Get this fabulous indicator to start placing these winning trades.

By the way, did I mention that it’s super easy to trade with MA Cross Channel Indicator indicator because…


The indicator gives you all kinds of alerts: Pop-up, Sound, Email, and Push Notifications as soon as a setup appears…


Plus… you’re in total control. For example, you can change the formulas of stop loss & take profit.

And… the indicator is extremely flexible: Works on ANY currency pair… ANY time-frame.

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