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Market Forecaster for MT4


✅ Forecasts market turning points with uncanny ACCURACY.
✅ Detects high probability trade setups in ALL market conditions.
✅ Generates WELL-TIMED alerts of new trends. So you can enter winning trades in a timely manner.

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What exactly is this indicator?

Market Forecaster indicator (for MT4 & MT5) mimics the weather forecasting models to accurately predict trend changes and identify high probability trade setups in all market conditions.

The way it works is that Market Forecaster first determines the recent highest highs and lowest lows.

It next identifies the highs and lows at the specified positions before those highest highs or lowest lows, to capture the behavior of the price before reaching the extremes.

Then it examines the latest close price with respect to that captured behavior to predict the direction of the next price move.

In fact, its algorithm is replicated from the way weather forecasting is done.

You see, to predict weather in the future, meteorologists use past data such as air pressure, wind speed, and temperature and look for weather patterns.

With the help of precise measurement, meteorologists can predict natural disasters such as tornadoes days before they happen. So people will have enough time to stock supplies and prepare shelters.

Market Forecaster incorporates those weather forecasting models into its algorithm and adjusts it to suit the way FX markets run.

How’s the result?

Market Forecaster achieves uncanny precision in trend detection.

Market Forecaster adjusts the proven weather forecasting models in an inventive way to shoot the accuracy of trend detection through the roof

You see, to predict long-term forecasts, meteorologists watch such weather patterns as the atmosphere, clouds, oceans, and measure radiation emitted by the earth and map sea surface temperature.

A 7-day forecast can accurately predict the weather about 80% of the time. And a 5-day forecast can accurately predict the weather approximately 90% of the time.

If it is a 4-day forecast, the prediction accuracy could be 95% or higher.

Taking that into account, Market Forecaster examines the market behavior at the positions which are 4 candles before the occurring of lowest lows and highest highs.

And evaluates the latest close price with respect to that behavior, to predict the next price movement.

Thanks to that, its accuracy of trend detection is shot through the roof.

Market Forecaster forecasts market turning points with 98% accuracy

It predicts trend changes with unbeatable accuracy.

That helps you identify new trends before they happen.

And ride the trends from the beginning.

But it gets better…

Market Forecaster can detect high probability trade setups in ALL market conditions

By replicating the weather forecasting model, Market Forecaster calculates the bullish and bearish “force” of the price.

When the bullish “force” declines and crosses the bearish “force” rising, Market Forecaster issues a bearish alert to signal a new downtrend.

When the bullish “force” accelerates and crosses the bearish “force” moving downward, Market Forecaster issues a bullish alert to signal a new uptrend.

The way it works is applicable in both trending and sideways markets.

Market Forecaster timely predict new trends when the market is trending

Market Forecaster anticipates the price trend is going to change, and give well-timed alerts.

So you can enter winning trades in a timely manner.

And boost your profits manyfold.

Have a look at this exciting chart below to see how timely its alerts are.

Market Forecaster identifies high probability trade setups when the market is moving sideways

When the market is moving sideways, other traditional trend indicators become useless.

And sometimes they even give you false signals and cause you to lose money.

But not this Market Forecaster…

Market Forecaster still detects high probability trade setups at the precise time.

So you can still make profits when the market is moving sideways.

Platform: Works on both MT4 and MT5

No matter what trading platform you’re using, the Market Forecaster indicator is there for you. It works perfectly on BOTH MT4 and MT5.

But it gets even better…

“There’s a lot more where that came from.”

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But here’s the thing…

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