Mean Reversion for MT4


✅ New “Mean Reversion” Indicator Determines (With Uncanny Accuracy) Whether The Price Will Break Support/Resistance and Continue To Move In Its Current Direction… Or Whether A Major Reversal Will Occur, So You Can Take Full Advantage Of It…

✅ It helps you trade in the RIGHT direction, avoid soul-crushing losing trades, and join the trend with great timing & score big winners…

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Hey there,

So you see that price is testing this resistance level:

It’s crunch time. What should I do now? Will this resistance hold? Or will price break through it?

You’re confused.

But then you apply the Mean Reversion indicator on your chart. And everything becomes clear:

Here we see the price touches the upper blue line of the Mean Reversion indicator. And that means it’s in an extremely overbought zone. And therefore the price is very likely to move down.

Now you can be confident placing a short trade.

Look at what happens next:

Easy right?

But it’s just the start. Let’s turn it up a notch:

Let me show you…

Another interesting way to use Mean Reversion indicator…

We can use the Mean Reversion indicator to identify when’s the best time to exit the trade.

Sticking with the same trade example we’ve been looking at… we’re now in a short trade. But what’s next? When should I exit my short position?

Mean Reversion indicator solves this problem for you:

When the price breaks the lower red line of the Mean Reversion indicator, we know that it’s in an oversold zone. And the market is likely to bounce up. So we exit our short trade for maximal possible gain.

It couldn’t get any simple and straightforward than that…

Total profit we’d get for this one trade: 1,276 pips. Not too shabby, isn’t it?


Here’s yet ANOTHER great use of the Mean Reversion indicator…

You can even use Mean Reversion indicator for trading the trends.

Here’s what I mean… Look at this chart on USD/CHF daily time frame:

So in this case, the market is trending up. But then price retraces, and touches the the lower red line of our Mean Reversion indicator. And that signals a great opportunity to buy because the price is now in a temporary oversold zone.

And so, we buy.

Let’s see what happens next:

So with this long trade, you’d have got an easy 608-pip win. But it doesn’t stop there. Here’s where it gets even more interesting:

Let me give you ALL of my trading rules that incorporates the Mean Reversion indicator…

Yes, you can steal my complete trading system, and put it to work for you… right away:

Here’s the complete trading rules for long trades (vice versa for short trades):

ENTRY: Buy when all of the following criteria are fulfilled:

1. Price is at a major support level.

2. Price touches the lower red line of our Mean Reversion indicator.

STOP LOSS: Set your stop loss just below the support level.

EXIT: We exit when the price touches the upper blue line of our Mean Reversion indicator.

Simple, right?

Well, let me show you how easy it really is. Look at this example on GBP/USD:


So here the price is approaching a major support level. And touches the lower red line of our Mean Reversion indicator.

And so, our set-up is confirmed. We place a long trade.

Here’s what happens next:

As expected, the indicator gives us a good trade. Price shoots up in our favor. And then the Mean Reversion indicator tells us exactly when to exit our profitable position.

Nice and easy, just the way I want it…

Do you think you can profit from these easy wins? I bet you could…

Watch this video guide to see how it works:

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