Supply Demand Pro for Tradingview

Supply Demand Pro:

✔️ Our new Supply Demand Pro for Tradingview detects all the strongest supply demand zones for you.
✔️ It really is a hands-off way to find strong supply demand zones. And you can use these supply demand zones as BOTH entries and exits.
✔️ You'll also get timely alerts. And suggested stop loss and take profit, so you can rest assured that your trades always have an optimal reward-to-risk ratio.

Smooth Trend Finder for TradingView

📌 Identify the beginning of new trends with minimal lag. Generates well-timed alerts so that you can ride the trends from the beginning till the end.
📌 Remove false signals and boost the accuracy in trend detection, by using our proprietary Triple Confirmation algorithm. So you only get the notifications of the highest-probability trade setups.
📌 Recognize the sideways market right when it happens. That way, it helps you avoid unnecessary entries and prevent losses.

Easy Wolfe Wave for TradingView

✔️ Automatic detection for Wolfe Wave patterns.
✔️ Works equally well for BOTH day trading and swing trading.
✔️ Gives you timely alerts immediately when a valid pattern shows up.

Natural Momentum for TradingView

✅ Predict when the market is slowing down and when the trends are about to change BEFORE they happen.
✅ Identify high-probability trade setups WITHOUT lag.
✅ Weed out false signals.