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Rectangle Top Max for MT4


📌 Detects this elusive (but very powerful) reversal pattern on ANY pair of your choosing. It usually shows up 3-5 bars before the price reverses…

📌 Incorporates a unique “false breakout moving average-based” filter

📌 You’ll get complete ENTRY, TAKE PROFIT & STOP LOSS alerts… in real time…

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What exactly is this indicator?

This “Rectangle Top Max” indicator helps you identify reversals — quickly and accurately.

The secret behind its accuracy is the fact that the indicator COMBINES price action and multiple sophisticated FILTER algorithms to determine these significant turning points in the markets.

That way, you can be sure you have the best chance to join the trend with perfect timing, and hopefully extract more profits from the trend than anybody else.

Once the Rectangle Top Max indicator has spotted a reversal, it clearly displays these Buy or Sell alerts on your charts… showing you exactly where possible reversals may occur.

In addition, it also gives you audio, visual, and pop-up alerts whenever a reversal is identified.

Let’s take a look at how the indicator works:

In this example, the Rectangle Top Max indicator managed to identify TWO perfect market reversals. And it gave a timely alert. Just as the indicator predicts, these sell alerts are followed by strong downward market moves.

If you had taken this trade, you would have gotten an easy sizeable win, just by following what the indicator tells you to do. No more no less.

Before we go on, let’s talk about…

Why Does Rectangle Top Max Have Such Amazing Predictive Power?

Because unlike traditional indicators, the patterns detected by Rectangle Top Max often LEADS price action.

They act as PRICE REPELLER. That means, when these patterns show up, it usually repels and pushes the price in the OPPOSITE direction.

And that’s why the patterns detected by Rectangle Top Max are so useful for reversal trading.

And by the way…

These patterns are backed by research spanning many, many years.

We did not just thought of it yesterday, mind you!

Take a look at this example:

Rectangle Top Max is specifically designed for reversal traders who have lost confidence in lagging indicators.

With it, you bypass the stress and indecision other traders suffer from when it’s time to choose market direction.

The algorithm does all the data crunching for you then hands you entry, stop loss and take profit for winning trades like this:

Plus, it works well on all times frames… especially on the 15 minute all the way up to daily.

Really, this is your solution to the mastery of breakout trading, where, if you concentrate solely on trading these long candles that form after shooting from those colored boxes…

It’s designed to make it easy for you to trade

Simple: Once a BLUE box prints and the BLUE arrow points up beside it, you would consider BUYING.

On the other hand, once the RED box prints and the RED arrow points down, you SELL.

A child sitting beside you, looking at the charts, could easily do this.

For both scenarios, just glance to the upper right-hand corner of the screen, copy the figures into your order entry and wait for the highly-possible wins.

Of course, staring at the screen, waiting for the boxes to form is no fun.

So, instead, you can get alerts by pop-ups from your MT4 platform, desktop push notifications and by email.

Your Pulse Will Quicken With Every Alert As It Could Be Another ‘Profit Grab’

Soon, you’ll want to discover how many of these alerts you can get per day.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Here’s what you do…

Just load Rectangle Top Max on as many currency charts as you like and trade with respect to the amount of capital you have.

What could (or will) ever stop you?


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