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S-RAVI for MT4


đź“Ś Pinpoints the beginning of major market trends before everyone else gets a clue.

📌 Plus, it spots sideways markets right when it starts thanks to our unique “differentiation” method.

đź“Ś Most traders are often plagued with false signals when the market is moving sideways. At the same time, they miss the best entries to join the trends.

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What exactly is this indicator?

The S-RAVI indicator helps you identify high-probability trade setups under ALL market conditions. No matter what it is: BIG trends or sideways markets, right when it starts.

That way, you could adjust your strategies accordingly and rake it in by taking advantage of these easy, high-probability trade opportunities while avoiding false signals most traders are prone to.

Here’s how it works:

S-RAVI indicator accurately spots the beginning of the trend…

The most important feature of our indicator is: It tells you exactly and early when a new trend starts, so you can jump on the trend as soon as possible. And with our proprietary algorithm, S-RAVI indicator is able to spot the beginning of new trends very accurately.

Here’s an example:

In the chart above, S-RAVI spots a great setup right at the beginning of the new trends. Those alerts could have materialized into three winning trades with sizeable profits.

The engine behind this detection power is the Range Action Verification Index (RAVI), which combines two moving averages to measure the discrepancies between the prevailing and past prices and detect the underlying trend.

Even though it sounds simple, RAVI works pretty well in identifying the trend direction, strength and momentum… as long as there’s a trend…

Yep, that’s the catch…

The main drawback with RAVI is that it is not as good in the sideways market and it is often plagued with noises.

That’s why we developed the Superior RAVI (S-RAVI) Indicator, which builds on RAVI, fused with our proprietary algorithm to fix all shortcomings.

… and MASSIVELY boosts the trend detection accuracy.

During our intensive and extensive tests, S-RAVI indicator is tremendously MORE ACCURATE than the original RAVI or other run-of-the-mill trend trading indicators…

Because our indicator analyzes not only price movement, but also market timing, volume, and volatility… it gives you much more accurate and timely alerts. So you could extract the most profit from the trend.

It helps you jump on a trend right from the beginning. And it helps you enter new trades (or add to your position) when you see breakouts in the direction of the trend or after a pullback has taken place.

Let’s take a look at an example:

…and it gets even better.

S-RAVI pin-points the sideways market right when it starts, so you can quickly adjust your trading strategies…

Thanks to its multi-faceted algorithm, S-RAVI indicator is capable of recognize not only trends, but also when the market is moving sideways. Most run-of-the-mill trend indicators are completely oblivion to that. But not our S-RAVI indicator.

It accurately identifies when the market is ranging and notifies you by well-timed alerts, so that you will be aware of the sideways market movement and avoid entering trades to prevent potential losses.

Or, you can consider rolling out a range trading strategy to trade in the sideways market. For example, a combination of support and resistance, volume can be used for range trading.

Have a look at the interesting chart below to see how perfectly it works.

Trading can get pretty simple with the help of S-RAVI Indicator

When S-RAVI indicator finds a good trade setup with great profit potential, it will give very easy-to-recognize visual cues so you can take advantage of these trade opportunities with great timing:

– The indicator line goes up and crosses the upper control line = Good Time for a Long position.

– The indicator line goes down and crosses the lower control line = Good Time for a Short position.

– The indicator line hovers around the two control lines = sideways market.

The most work you will ever do is click your mouse to copy and paste the trade data that’s already worked out for you with full entry, stop loss and take profit levels.

You can do this as many times as you want, on as many currency pairs as you wish…

Plus, to make sure you never miss any of these important trades, you’ll get notified by pop-up terminal window, push notification, email notification.

With These Alerts, You Determine How Much You Want To Make

If it’s one trade a day… or four… it’s really up to you—taking into consideration the amount of capital you have and the number of currency pairs you’ve chosen.

You can turn it up… or turn it down… however you like…

For a SELL trade, if you take a look in the lower pane, you’ll see that once the pink line crosses the lower control line on its way down and the RED arrow prints, you just copy the data handed to you.

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