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Smart Range Bar Chart for MT4


✅ It eliminates a lot of market noise and chop.

✅ It eliminates clutter from your chart.

✅ It helps you see price action VERY clearly.

✅ It smooths out any indicator applied to it.

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Hey there,

Do you sometimes just want to get rid of that irritating market noise?

Do you ever feel like every time you enter a trade, the price just goes nowhere, bouncing around, and finally hit your stop loss?

If so, I understand…

You see, here’s the thing:

Market noise is INEVITABLE with conventional time-based charts…

I remember when I first got started trading, it happened to me time and time again.

I got sick of it.

So I embarked on a journey to find a better charting method…

Now I trade with very little market noise.

I see price action very clearly…

And almost all that annoying clutter and noise are gone.

All thanks to this…

“Smart Range Bar Charting Software”

You see, this type of chart only builds new bars when price covers a given range like 8 pips, 12 pips, or 15 pips (instead of just building candlesticks every 5 or 15 minutes, etc).

After building one bar, It then moves to the right like normal to start building the next bar. And it will not create a new bar at all if price hasn’t moved enough. On the other hand, our Range Bar charting software will draw multiple bars that track price during rapid price moves.

Here’s why I think this type of chart is better than conventional time-based chart:

1) It eliminates a lot of market noise and chop.

2) It eliminates clutter from your chart.

3) It helps you see price action VERY clearly.

4) It smooths out any indicator applied to it.

Listen, would you like a clumsy chart like this:

Or… a crisp, clean, clutter-free, noise-free chart like this:

The two charts cover the exact same time period. But as you can see, Range Bar chart eradicates much of the noise when price bounces back and forth between a narrow range. This new kind of chart reduces most of the noise to just one or two bars.

That way, you can distinguish exactly what is happening to the price, WITHOUT any distraction.

In addition, on Range Bar charts, you can see the trends much more clearly…

And it makes the trends very easy to trade…

So Range Bar chart helps show the trend clearly, and thus allows trader to recognize and hop on the trend earlier and with fewer false signals over time.

Do you think you could profit from this clear trend generated by the Range Bar chart software? I bet you could:

I would just enter on pullbacks. And ride this trend till the end. Pretty simple.

Anyway, here’s another benefit of Range Bar charts:

It’s Easy To Spot Trading Ranges (And Breakouts)…

Like this:

The best thing is: You can apply ANY indicator to our Smart Range Bar charts (you know, like RSI, MACD, or trendlines)?

Not only that, because the chart is much cleaner and noise-free, any indicator applied to it becomes easier to read and more accurate as well.

On the following chart, we draw a simple price channel. With less noise, see how easy it is to spot changes in price activity:

And you’re gonna love this: Our Smart Range Bar chart updates in REAL TIME. I personally think we’re the first to achieve this… making a price-based chart being able to update in real time as it receives new data.

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