Smart Swing Cloud for MT4


✅ It helps you join the prevailing trend with near-perfect timing… and… it helps you determine when the current trend is exhausted

✅ It identifies all the important price movements… so you’d never miss a big move again…

✅ Our Smart Swing Cloud indicator absolutely does NOT repaint…

✅ Works equally well in trend trading and countertrend trading mode…

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Hi there,

This Smart Swing Cloud indicator is, in our opinion, the best indicator for detecting high-probability CONTINUATION price swings in the direction of the trend which I think you could easily profit from.

And the best part is: You could now trade these swings without worrying about getting whipsawed…

And, it doesn’t stop there: Smart Swing Cloud indicator also locates REVERSAL swings which could lead to very profitable trades if you play it the right way (we’ll show you exactly how below in this article…)

Here’s how it works:

The Smart Swing Cloud indicator combines 3 analytical components: Price Action, and Volatility, and Momentum algorithms to identify overbought/oversold market condition. And based on this analysis, it tells you when a high-probability price swing is about to happen.

First of all, the Smart Swing Cloud indicator graphically shows you the current trend direction at all times.

Second, it displays what we call the “setup zone”: When the price enters this setup zone, you’d know you have a potentially profitable trade setup.

For example, when a currency pair is trending up, you’d wait for the price to head back down toward this setup zone… and then touch this zone. That’s when you’d go long.

Vice versa, when a pair is trending down, you’d wait for the price to go back up toward this setup zone… and then touch this zone. And that’s when you’d go short.

Let’s see how good Smart Swing Cloud indicator really is in action:

Notice how clearly the Smart Swing Cloud indicator displays the trend direction on your chart, so you can make good trading decisions fast.

But it’s just for starters:

The most important feature of Smart Swing Cloud indicator is that it identifies and plots a “buy setup zone” and a “sell setup zone” for you.

In an uptrend, when the price retreats into the “buy setup zone”, the market is in an oversold condition. And that means, you should be looking for a long trade because the price is poised to shoot up.

Vice versa, in a downtrend, when the price goes into the “sell setup zone”, the market is in a overbought condition. And you should be looking for a short trade as the price is poised to fall off the cliff.

Here’s an example of the “buy setup zone” in action:

And here’s an example of the “sell setup zone” in action:

And it gets even better:

Smart Swing Cloud indicator also monitors the market, so that as soon as a buy or sell setup is complete, it will give you an audio and visual alert. That way, you can be sure you’ll never miss out on a big price move again.

Take a look at another example, this time on USD/CAD:

And another one on EUR/JPY:

In this example, there’s one thing in particular I need you to focus on:

The 2nd sell swing (the arrow enclosed by a rectangle). This alert leads to a losing trade, no doubt about it. But is there any way we could filter out this sell alert?

Of course, there is. And that’s why we use Smart Swing Cloud indicator in COMBINATION with other indicators in our toolbox, in order to get even more accurate with our entries. In this case, we could use a simple oscillator like RSI. Here’s what our chart looks like with RSI:

Did you notice that before this 2nd alert is generated, there was a divergence between price and RSI? While price makes a lower low, RSI makes a higher low. And this divergence suggests that the trend is already exhausted. Because of that, we would not consider this 2nd alert a valid setup.

Speaking of divergence, now is good time to switch our attention to:

Another interesting feature of the Smart Swing Cloud indicator…

Did you know that Smart Swing Cloud indicator also identifies REVERSAL swings against the underlying trend for you? And if you’re an advanced trader, you could trade those reversal swings successfully.

Maybe the best way to trade this way is: Determine when the trend is exhausted using divergence. Then, enter a trade when a reversal swing is identified.

Here’s an example:

So in this example, there was a divergence between price and RSI. This divergence tells us that the prevailing trend is coming to an end. And now is a good time to trade reversal swings against the prevailing trend.

So, we could trade either reversal swing (1) or reversal swing (2), both identified by the Smart Swing Cloud indicator. And either of these reversal swings would result in a great, profitable trade against the trend.

That’s the power of Smart Swing Cloud indicator. It works for BOTH identifying high-probability price swings in the direction of the trend AND identifying reversal price swings with great profit potential.

And if you’ve been trading for a while, I think you’d agree that:

Swing trading is one of the easiest ways to be successful as a trader…

Why? Because with swing trading, you only need to spend 20-30 minutes a day analyzing the markets and placing your trades. It’s perfect if you have a day job. Or if you just want to spend more time with your family.

Another important advantage is that swing trading allows you to take advantage of the natural ebb and flow of the market. You could profit when the market rises AND you could also profit when the market pulls back, as it always does.

And if you’re new to trading, don’t get sucked in the craziness of day trading the 5-minute chart. It’s nothing but noise, noise, and more noise.

Learn to trade the right way, using large time frame like the daily chart. Much less noise. And price action is a lot more clearly. Try it. It will make a difference in your trading. We’ve learned the lesson the hard way. But you don’t have to make the same mistake as we did.

And the Smart Swing Cloud indicator is the best tool (that I know of) for swing trading the right way…

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