Smooth Trend Finder for MT4


✅ Identify the beginning of new trends with minimal lag.
✅ Remove false signals and boost the accuracy in trend detection, by using our proprietary Triple Confirmation algorithm.
✅ Recognize the sideways market right when it happens.

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What exactly is this indicator?

Smooth Trend Finder is built to overcome the lagging nature and false signals of the regular trend-following indicators like moving averages, MACD, Super Trend…

Smooth Trend Finder focuses on the latest candle to get you prepared for the next price movements. It evaluates the discrepancies between the latest close price and the highest high and lowest low of past prices in both long and short periods.

Based on this analysis, the indicator will predict whether a major trend change is about to happen.

So you can enter or exit trades at the right time and profit off trends from the earliest start to the very last pip.

It also determines when the market is moving sideways. So you will be aware of the ranging market and adjust your trading strategy accordingly.

That helps you avoid unnecessary entries and prevent losses.

Have a look at this interesting chart to see it in action….

Smooth Trend Finder makes traditional trend-following indicators obsolete

One of the most popular and oldest trend indicators is the moving average.

Moving averages are pretty good in determining the underlying trends of the market.

But, the serious drawback of moving averages is they work based on past data. As trend-following indicators, they lag by nature.

To minimize the lag of moving averages, seasoned traders have tried more complicated indicators such as MACD, Super Trend…

Let’s talk a bit about Super Trend.

It computes the average-true-range and uses high/low prices to predict trends. In most cases, it performs better than moving averages.

However, Super Trend only works when the market is trending.

When the market is moving sideways, it gives lousy signals…

The kind of signals that can put your money at risk, and causes you to lose a large sum.

That’s where our Smooth Trend Finder comes in.

Smooth Trend Finder was developed to tackle the limitations of those run-of-the-mill trend indicators.

Smooth Trend Finder pinpoints the start of new trends with minimal lag

Smooth Trend Finder evaluates the latest close price with respect to the highest high and lowest low of the past prices.

Because it focuses on the latest candle, Smooth Trend Finder is more reactive to trend changes.

It gives well-timed alerts when new trends are about to start.

So you can enter or exit profitable trades at the right time.

And ride the trends from the beginning to the end.

Have a look at this exciting chart below to see how responsive it is to trends.

Smooth Trend Finder effectively weeds out false signals and improve the accuracy of trend detection, by our proprietary Triple Confirmation algorithm

The way the Triple Confirmation algorithm works is that it only issues the trend alerts after three steps of verification.

The first and second steps are to check if the latest close price surpasses the highest high/lowest low in both short and long periods.

The third step is to examine the current market condition to finally predict the next market move.

With the three steps of verification, Smooth Trend Finder becomes super accurate in trend detection.

It is so effective that you only get notifications of the highest-probability trade setups.

Smooth Trend Finder recognizes the sideways market right when it happens

The traditional trend indicators always give you false signals when the market moves sideways.

But not our Smooth Trend Finder indicator…

With Triple Confirmation algorithm, Smooth Trend Finder can recognize not only trends, but also sideways movements.

It pinpoints the sideways markets and notifies you by timely alerts, so that you can avoid entering risky trades to prevent potential losses.

Or, you can switch to your favorite trading strategies for ranging market, and continue to extract more profits from them.

During the sideways market, Smooth Trend Finder keeps scanning for the highest-probability trade setups…

So that you can only get the best entries to join the new trends

But it gets even better…

Smooth Trend Finder gives you well-time alerts, so you can make good decisions on WHEN and WHERE to get in

By looking at the bullish/bearish arrows, and the colors of the chart background, you can make sound decision instantly.

Plus, to make sure you never miss any of these important trades, you’ll get alerted by pop-up to your MT4 terminal window, desk top push notification and by email notification.

With These Alerts, You Determine How Many Trades You Want To Place

If it’s one trade a day… or four… it’s really up to you—taking into consideration the amount of capital you have and the number of currency pairs you’ve chosen.

You can turn it up… or turn it down… however you like…

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