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SS Channel PRO for MT4


📌 It does all the hard work for you, and simply flashes the buy or sell signals at exact times

📌 Help you identify trends, quickly and accurately.

📌 Pin-point exact entries and exits.

📌 Alerts are 3 times better than that of existing “advanced” indicators

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What exactly is this indicator?


This “SS Channel PRO” indicator helps you identify trends, quickly and accurately.

The secret behind the ultra-high accuracy of SS Channel PRO is our proprietary tweak that combines and enhances the moving averages of high and low candle prices to keep track of the price pattern, and determine early trends.

You see, traders have tried many advanced and complicated ways to accurately identify early trends. More often than not, these “advanced” algorithms and indicators fail sadly. Worst, they incur huge losses.

In fact, there’s a simple but very powerful weapon that’s already in your arsenal. But nobody has utilized it to the fullest.

The truth is… moving averages deliver great results, quietly.

That’s why we were determined to finetune MAs and bring them to their finest level…

Turns out…


The secret ingredient lies in a simple tweak…


In one of our trials and errors, we stumbled on a price channel that was created by the averages of every candle’s high, and the average of every candle’s low. The price channel appeared to track price patterns, and detect early trends very well.

Of course, we didn’t have any expectations when formally testing this new tool…

But the results blew us away. IT WORKS LIKE CRAZY.

Adding in a few finetuning and adjusting the parameters of the moving averages to reflect the prevailing market conditions, we finally unleashed our monster. We call it The S(tupid) S(imple) Channel Pro…


This stupid simple SS Channel PRO beats more “advanced” software entirely at identifying trends.


The way it works is easy to understand. When both bands of the SS Channel PRO crosses each other, a new trend is about to form. More specifically

– Blue band crosses above red band: BLUE arrow, you BUY

– Red band crosses above blue band: RED arrow, you SELL

You can enter a trade at the BLUE arrow when the blue band crosses above the red band, this will allow you to enter early and ride a nice price uptrend.

The bands will converge and cross again.

The red band will cross above the blue band to indicate that the price movement is about to change direction and go downward. You will be alerted by the RED arrow at that time. So, if you’re in a trade, this would be an exit signal.

Let’s take a look at the interesting 4-hour EURAUD chart below to see how beautifully and easily SS Channel PRO can pick up profitable trends.


SS Channel PRO indicator pin-points exact entries and exits.


You will be alerted when it identifies entry and exit signals at the crossing of the bands.

This indicator will also help you instantly calculate the stop loss and take profit…

Let’s take a look at this daily EURUSD chart to see how effectively SS Channel PRO indicator works:

From the chart, you can see that SS Channel PRO can identify at least 4 trend alerts that will help you score huge winning trades, each worths a few hundred pips.

Apart from the amazing examples we show earlier, we were also blown away by how SS Channel PRO beats the more “advanced” counterparts. In fact, in our rigorous tests…


SS Channel PRO’s alerts are 3 times better than that of existing “advanced” indicators.


This is because the algorithm of SS Channel PRO allows it to identify trends so early, even before anyone knows what has happened.

In the chart below, as you can see, the channel trails along the price movement, and the 2 bands precisely cross each other whenever a change in price trend is identified.

The alerts given by SS Channel PRO help you enter or exit the markets at the exact times. And so, you are able to ride the trend from the very beginning to the very end.

Which means MORE PROFITS.

In the screenshot below, SS Channel PRO again helps us make 2 HUGE winning trades with more than 1300 pips in profits. No sweat, no pain.


Early detection + more accuracy = more PROFITS


In technical analysis, exact timing and accuracy are the two most important aspects of an indicator.

It is because those make an indicator more powerful than the rest.

And being more powerful means bringing more profits.

Let’s look at another exciting daily GBPJPY chart as shown below to see what I mean by that.

Simply buying at the blue arrows, and selling at the red arrows will help you score at least 2 huge winning trades. And you know what, you do not have to do much, just follow the alerts given by SS Channel PRO, because…


It does all the hard work for you, and simply flashes the buy or sell signals at exact times.


Low Lag + More Accuracy = More profit

And for your reference, SS Channel PRO indicator automatically calculates the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, and clearly displays them on screen.

Besides, the SS Channel PRO indicator gives you audio, visual, and pop-up alerts, push and email notification whenever a valid buy or sell signal is generated…

In addition, the indicator is extremely flexible: Works on ANY currency pair… ANY time-frame.

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