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Stairway Trend Finder for MT4


📌 Capture Any AGGRESSIVE Trend & Pullback Move You Want

📌 Accurately predict the direction of the next price movements.

📌 And identify great entries to highly profitable trades in trend and pullback trading

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Dear Friend,

If you’re looking for a proven way to cash in on MONSTROUS trend and pullback moves, this could be the most exciting message you’ll read all year.

Let our covert “Stairway Trend” intel tell you the most EXPLOSIVE trades to take…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or just getting started.

Any FX trader can do this: Just run Stairway Trend Finder for ANY pair you want.

Let its algorithm analyze hundreds of data points & help you capitalize on each day’s most aggressive trend and pullback trades.

Here’s how it works:

Stairway Trend Finder brings about a breakthrough in trend and pullback trading

It uses the middle band of Donchian Channels and our breakthrough “Stairway” concept to reflect the recent market volatility and price trends.

Combines that with our Logarithmically Linear Weighted Moving Averages (LLWMA) to accurately predict the direction of the next price movements.

And identifies great entries to highly profitable trades in trend and pullback trading.

Stairway Trend Finder makes Donchian Channels obsolete

Did you know that some of the biggest hedge funds have used Donchian Channels since the mid-20th century?

Hedge fund managers use Donchian Channels in technical analysis to measure volatility, overbought/oversold conditions of the market.

Donchian Channels helps them evaluate the current price with respect to the trading ranges in past periods.

In fact, veteran traders consider Donchian Channels as the most underrated tool available to traders.

Because they are easy to use, elegant and proven.

But here’s the problem:

Donchian Channels are uninformative.

They can’t tell you when to get in and out of trades.

They can’t tell whether the price is going to breakout or reverse.

Just imagine…when the price hits the upper band of the Donchian Channel…

You think it’s a bullish breakout and place a long order.

Shortly after that, the price quickly reverses to establish a new major downtrend.

You would lose a lot of money.

That’s where our Stairway Trend Finder comes in.

Stairway Trend Finder gives you great entries to extremely profitable trades

It determines the entries using the groundbreaking combination of LLWMA, our “Stairway” trading model, and our own flavor of MODIFIED, custom Donchian channels.

When the LLWMA crosses above the “stairway”, it gives a bullish alert.

When the LLWMA crosses below the “stairway”, it gives a bearish alert.

And suggests exit points at the appropriate Take Profit or Stop Loss levels based on a good risk/reward ratio.

The question now is…

Why using the LLWMA, instead of other available moving averages?

It uses the LLWMA to bring unbeatable accuracy into play

In our rigorous tests, the LLWMA beats other regular moving averages at responsiveness by a wide margin.

It smoothens the price in a way that gives more weight to the more recent prices in a logarithmically linear manner.

As such, the LLWMA can track the price movements with maximum responsiveness and minimum lag.

And helps identify entries and exits with uncanny accuracy.

But it gets even better…

Stairway Trend Finder uses our breakthrough “Stairway” concept to reflect the volatility of the market in a creative way.

First it makes use of the Donchian middle line to capture the price range of the past periods.

It then takes advantage of our “Stairway” concept to categorize the value of each price range into a corresponding variable.

And visually presents that variable in the “stepping” model to show the volatility of the market.

Now everything becomes simple for you.

When the market volatility is high, it shows a big “step”.

When the market volatility is low, it shows a small “step”.

Stairway Trend Finder helps you profit from each day’s major trends in the easiest way possible

Its complex algorithm keeps on analyzing hundreds of data points.

To accurately predict the major trends before they even occur.

But on the outside, it offers an easy-to-use trading solution.

By hiding the LLWMA to make the chart clean and easy for your viewing.

And bringing you a very simple rule to follow:

When the stairway changes to BLUE color, you would open a LONG position.

Hold all the way.

Then close the position once the stairway’s color changes back to red.

Have a look at this exciting chart below to see it in action.

And vice versa…

When the stairway changes to RED color, you would open a SHORT position.

Hold all the way.

And close the position once the stairway’s color changes back to blue.

Now, with the same pair above but at a subsequent time, let’s see how it turns out.

Capitalize on pullback moves and make a killing in swing trading

With Stairway Trend Finder, trading pullbacks becomes easy.

As long as the direction of the stairway remains the same…

When the price hits or moves near the stairway, that would be a pullback entry.

You can trade in the direction of the stairway: long with blue, short with red.

And exit the trade at the suggested Take Profit level or when the price touches the upper/lower band of the envelope.

Let’s see how Stairway Trend Finder identifies pullback entries for you.

The way I see it…

The blue and red lines work like a traffic light.

When the price touches the blue line, it will bounce and move upward.

When the price touches the red line, it will bounce and move downward.

How easy it is!

Get Stairway Trend Finder today to make a difference in your trading

If you continue to stick with your same old ways of trading, you will receive the same old results.

If you make a good decision and install Stairway Trend Finder now…

You will very soon see a huge difference in your trading result.

As people say, fortune favors the bold.

Timely alerts, so you won’t miss out on important trades.

You’ll get all kinds of alerts: Pop-up, Sound, Email, and Push Notifications as soon as a new trade setup forms…

And you can customize these alerts in any way you want.

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