Swing Force for MT4


📌 This “Swing Force” Indicator Identifies High-Probability Trend Continuation and Reversal Trade Setups By Combining Support/Resistance Breakout & Reliable Price Action Patterns…

📌 It’s extremely useful for locating market’s turning points… for finding new market trends… and for detecting explosive breakouts. It works equally well for swing traders, and day traders, and scalpers….

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The “Swing Force” indicator gives you a timely alert whenever a trend continuation or trend reversal trade set-up appears.

And these high-probability trade setups are often followed by big market moves.

And they are very reliable because these setups are confirmed by two factors: strong breakout from support / resistance levels AND high-probability price action patterns.

So you can be confident entering a trade. No stress. No doubt. No uncertainty.

Let’s see it in action:

In this case, when the market breaks out of a trading range, Swing Force indicator identifies a high-probability setup and gives you a reversal alert. This turns out to be the beginning of a strong uptrend.

Then, after a retracement, the indicator detects a continuation setup and generates a signal. And sure enough, the price moves up immediately afterward.

The secret behind Swing Force indicator’s accuracy…

Here’s exactly the secret behind Swing Force’s accuracy: The indicator uses 2 stringent criteria to identify continuation or reversal trade setups: Strong breakout from support / resistance levels… AND… High-probability price action patterns.

That way, you can be confident that whenever you get a Swing Force alert, there’s a great chance that a favorable market move is going to occur.

For example, let’s see how it works on EUR/USD:

See how easy it is to profit from these Swing Force setups? Here’s my own system that you could use as a starting point:

1. Buy when you get a buy alert. Sell when you get a sell alert.

2. Set your first profit target equal to the Average True Range value. Set your second profit target equal to 2X the Average True Range value.

Using these rules, let’s see how we could easily profit from these Swing Force alerts on EUR/USD:

As you can see, for each of these alerts, almost immediately after we place our short trades, the market starts to move in our favor.

First and second profit targets are both triggered not long afterwards.

Nice & easy trades, don’t you think?

Here’s another trade on AUD/USD:

In this example, when the price breaks out of the previous support level, and Swing Force indicator detects a continuation setup, we place our short trade.

After that, the market keeps going down, and hits profit target 1 and profit target 2. We’ve got another winning trade.

Now, let me show you how…

Here’s an advanced way to use Swing Force indicator, so that it’s even MORE accurate…

Recently we discovered an advanced strategy to use the Swing Force indicator in order to boost its accuracy even more. With this strategy, we combine Swing Force with another of our custom indicators — the Market Strength indicator (which we will also give you as a free bonus when you get the Swing Force indicator).

Here’s how it works:

So, for this advanced method, we only buy when we get a Swing Force buy alert AND the Market Strength histogram is blue. And we only sell when we get a Swing Force sell alert AND the Market Strength histogram is red. And if the Market Strength histogram is yellow, the market is ranging, and we wouldn’t want to take any long or short trade.

In the photo above, we also get a Swing Force buy alert. But at that time, the Market Strength histogram is red. So we don’t take the trade.

So, now that you understand this advanced strategy, let’s put it in action and see how…

Swing Force indicator works extremely well for breakout traders…

So in this case, the market has been stuck in a range for a while (Market Strength histogram is yellow). Then we get a Swing Force buy alert, telling us that a big breakout will likely happen. But at the time, the Market Strength histogram is still yellow, so we’ll wait.s

A few bars later, there’s another Swing Force buy alert. This time, Market Strength is blue. Our criteria are fulfilled, so we enter a long trade.

As expected, right after we buy, the price starts to move up aggressively. This turns out to be the beginning of a huge, gigantic uptrend.

Both of our profit targets are hit. And do you also notice that if you used a trailing stop in this trade, you would have even more profits? This shows that a Swing Force signal usually result in those big moves that you can easily take advantage of.

Breakout trades can’t get easier than this, right?

But that’s not all. Let me show you how…

Swing Force indicator helps trend traders get the most profits out of a trend…

Here’s how:

The Swing Force indicator gets you in the trend when it begins. Then, as the trend progresses, the indicator gives you Continuation signals when there’s high probability that the trend will likely continue.

For example, look at this chart:

Here you can see, at the beginning of this downtrend, Swing Force gives you 2 reversal signals when the market switches from uptrend to ranging to downtrend.

Then, as the trend progresses, the indicator gives you additional continuation signals. This tells you that you should not exit your short trades yet. And depending your risk tolerance, you can also enter more short trades. This way, you can get the most out of this downtrend.

Cool, isn’t it? But that’s not all…

The Swing Force indicator is extremely useful for identifying market turning points…

In this case, the market switches from downtrend to ranging to uptrend. Swing Force indicator identifies those turning points, and gives you 2 reversal alerts. Then, when it gives you the third buy alert, the market is now confirmed to be in an uptrend (Market Strength histogram has turned blue). So you place a long trade.

Let’s see what happens next:

As it turns out, this is the very beginning of a huge uptrend. So you got a highly profitable (and easy) trade.

Now let’s recap…

Key features of the Swing Force indicator:

This indicator generates buy and sell alerts whenever a swing continuation or swing reversal set-up happens. And these trade setups often result in big market moves. And they are very reliable because the Swing Force alerts are confirmed by two factors: strong break of support or resistance levels AND high-probability price patterns.

It works extremely well for trading with the trends AND trading breakouts. And it works whether you’re a swing trader or a day trader.

It filters out bad trade setups, thanks to the advanced volatility filters built in the indicator.

We also show you our own trading rules for the indicator. Use it as a starting point to develop your own strategies.

You can fully adjust and optimize the indicator’s settings for each instrument.

It doesn’t repaint.

Swing Force indicator works on all currency pairs, and on other markets (futures, stocks, options…)

FREE BONUS: Market Strength indicator that tells you whether the current market is ranging, trending up, or trending down.

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