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📌 Identify the dominant trend across ALL markets

📌 Identify market trends EARLY and with unrivaled accuracy

📌 Trendicator works well on any pairs and any timeframes

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Hi there,

Ìf you’re looking for a reliable method to identify the dominant trend across ALL markets, this will be the most important letter you’ll read this year. Here’s why:

We’ve just developed a brand-new indicator for Metatrader called Trendicator.

And let me tell you: It’s amazing.

Trendicator allows you to identify market trends EARLY and with unrivaled accuracy. Thanks to a proprietary algorithm we call Recursive Algo.

Let me quickly explain what it’s not and what it is:

– It’s not your run-of-the-mill moving average or MACD.

– It’s not Mickey Mouse.

– It’s not extremely lagging like old-school indicators.

– And to be frank, I think it’s a GAME-CHANGER:


Trendicator uses our proprietary Recursive Algorithm that does literally 100s of calculations on close prices to predict the dominant trends…


To understand this Recursive Algorithm, let’s use an analogy. Ever see a Tesla on the road?

High-tech and complicated under the hood, but elegantly simple to drive.

Same thing here:

Open up the Trendicator’s source code and you’ll see exactly 453 lines of code. Divided into 5 segments.

These intertwined code segments do literally 100s of calculations per second to accomplish one thing: Find the trend EARLY and ACCURATELY.

But really you don’t need to understand how the engine works under the hood. Because the output Trendicator generates is extremely simple:


You know, like green light you go – red light, you stop!

But don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity. Get this:

Comparing this Recursive Algorithm to the traditional Moving Average Algorithm is like comparing a Tesla to a Ford


It just generates better results with less efforts.

Here’s a deeper dive if you’re a geek like me:

The Recursive Algorithm computes the average relative position of N recent closing prices as compared to a baseline price.

I’ll share more about the number N later, but in a nutshell, the average relative position of these prices is a great measure of the underlying trend.

A positive value suggests that the price is gaining upward momentum, so it’s a great setup to enter a LONG position

A negative value suggests that the price is likely to go down, and it’s a high probability setup for a SHORT position

This means…


There’s just not a lot of work to do if you trade using Trendicator.


Let’s take a look at the interesting CADJPY DAILY chart below.

Trendicator identified a bullish setup when its value crossed above zero and flashed the blue arrow as an entry alert.

Unsurprisingly, the uptrend was strong, and if you took the suggested setup, the position would have materialized into a 995-pip winning trade.

Let’s examine some other examples. Here’s the EURAUD DAILY chart.

If you took the suggested SHORT at the RED arrow, the position would have turned into a 1125-pip winning trade.

The price then consolidated for a period of time, then Trendicator gave another bullish alert at the breakout. That position would also have materialized into another 510-pip winning trade.

Before we move on, let me share with you another feature of Trendicator that I love.


You can freely customize the indicator to suit your trading type…


This is done through adjusting the “period” number N, which works in a similar way as the period of MA.

More aggressive traders would love smaller numbers of N that can reflect the market changes more quickly. On the other hand, more conservative traders would prefer larger numbers of N, which weed out noises and smoothens the underlying trends.

Trendicator can be customized to suit both types of traders very easily. To change the period variable, you just simply follow these steps:

Right click on the chart, select “Indicators list”

Double click on “Trendicator” in the indicators list, and select “Input”

Enter the value of period as you want, and click “OK”

My favorite period for Trendicator is 50, and the results are wonderful for me.

But of course, you are free to choose the periods for your favorite timeframes because…

Trendicator works well on any pairs and any timeframes…

Let’s look at this AUDNZD 4-hour chart to see what I mean:

Here I’m using N=50. Trendicator detected a great setup, which could have materialized into a 220-pip trade.

A neat profit, right?

Let’s examine another example with AUDCAD Hourly:

Here I’m using N=14. Trendicator again detected two setups, which would have netted almost 200 pips.

Pretty nice, if you ask me…


Trendicator does all the heavy lifting for you, simply flashes the buy or sell alerts at the exact time.


Trendicator automatically calculates the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, and clearly displays them on screen. These levels are great guidelines so that you can achieve optimal reward to risk ratio.

Let’s have a look at this EURUSD hourly chart.

Here I’m using N=21. As demonstrated through the chart, the alerts, together with Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, are shown very clearly.

The suggested alert and TP level would have netted a 110 pip winning trade.

Pretty impressive, I think.

Besides, it also gives you audio, visual, and pop-up alerts, push and email notification whenever a valid buy or sell signal is generated…

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