Versatile Bollinger Bands for MT4


✅ Let you identify new market trends based on breakout, and then ride those trends till the end for easy, easy profits.
✅ Let you define a CUSTOM Moving Average to use in its core engine.
✅ Help you get in the trade BEFORE the trend really starts

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#1 BREAKOUT Indicator Of All Time Just Got A Major Overhaul To Its Core Engine!

That means increased accuracy, increased usefulness, and more…

Dear friend,

I hope you’re sitting down.

Because this is a fascinating story about the rise of fame of the most amazing (in my opinion) BREAKOUT indicator of all time.

And how today will go down in history as the date this astonishing indicator gets 3X better. With increased accuracy, increased usefulness, and more…

You see…

The indicator I’m talking about is called Bollinger Bands. And you know why tens of thousands of traders – from forex to stocks to futures – consider it the #1 breakout indicator of all time?

Because it kicks ass. Yes, it really does: Bollinger Bands lets you identify new market trends based on breakout, and then ride those trends till the end for easy, easy profits. Thanks to its ingenious algorithm that literally forces you NOT to exit prematurely.


I believe we can make Bollinger Bands even better. You see, the traditional Bollinger Bands indicator uses the standard Moving Average as its backbone.

And while the standard Moving Average is useful, it’s also LAGGING (and even severely lagging under certain market conditions).

That’s why we set out to completely overhaul the Bollinger Bands indicator.

Our goals: Increased accuracy, increased versatility, and most importantly, LESS LAG.

Now, 3 months later, I’m super excited to announce: WE DID IT.

Introducing our brand-new, amazing:

Versatile Bollinger Bands indicator

This indicator is incredible. Check this out:

+ The Versatile Bollinger Bands indicator lets you define a CUSTOM Moving Average to use in its core engine. You can choose from SIX (6) different types of Moving Average.

  1. Double Exponential Moving Average (DEMA)
  2. Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA),
  3. Kaufman’s Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA),
  4. Jurik’s Moving Average (JMA)
  5. Hull Moving Average (HMA)
  6. Least Squares Moving Average (LSMA)

Just WOW, isn’t it?

Now, let’s see the Versatile Bollinger Bands indicator in action (using different types of Moving Average):

Versatile Bollinger Bands (with Hull Moving Average)


If I entered a trade based on this breakout signal, I would have gotten 645 pips from this 1 trade alone.

Now you see why I’m so excited about the power of this new Versatile Bollinger Bands indicator. You see, if I was losing money as a trader and wanted a CHANGE, this would be the DREAM indicator for me.


If you’ve ever lost money trading forex with other indicators or trading systems, know this: It’s NOT your fault.

Really. The fact is that, all other indicators are too slow. They’re too slow in reacting to market changes. That’s why it the market always seems to reverse just as soon as those indicators flash a signal.

It sucks.

But the Versatile Bollinger Bands indicator changes everything. It’s unlike everything else you’ve ever seen. Because it works.

And because it’s the ONLY indicator in the world that could help you get in the trade BEFORE the trend really starts.

Incredible. Let’s continue…


Versatile Bollinger Bands (with DEMA Moving Average)

You see, it’s a brand-new way of trading. It’s all about getting in the trade BEFORE everyone else realizes what’s going on.

This winning trade in the photo above are a great example. I’d bet that all of those old & obsolete indicators would only trigger a signal too late. HOURS or even DAYS after my Versatile Bollinger Bands issues a signal.

In this example, I would bet, no other indicators would be able to predict the market will bottom out and turn into an uptrend. No other indicator would let you join the trend from the very beginning like Versatile Bollinger Bands does.


Versatile Bollinger Bands (with KAMA Moving Average)


You know, seeing this example and how easily Versatile Bollinger Bands handed me these profitable trades reminds me of a quote from trader Gordon Gecko in the movie Wall Street:

“If you’re not inside, you’re OUTSIDE.”

Well, for years, everyday traders like us, have always been on the outside.

While the insiders are using all kinds of modern technology to profit from big market moves., we’ve always been locked out, unable to get access to these amazing next-generation indicators.

We’re left out of big gains, forced to use obsolete, outdated indicators.

But this rigged game ends today. Starting with this unprecedented release of Versatile Bollinger Bands

Now, let’s take a look at…

Versatile Bollinger Bands (with Jurik Moving Average)


Now, let’s talk about a few technical details you need to know:

Input parameters

1. Common inputs, where you can:

To set the Bands Shift.

To set Bands Deviation.

To select a type of the MA use for the calculations.

2. The appropriate groups for each of the MA, where you can set its parameters:

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