Volume Confidence Trader for MT4


📌 Pick High-Profit Intraday Trends Based On “Smart Money Concepts.”

📌 It uses Hull moving averages to eliminate lag and determine unbeatable entries

📌 It can accurately detect great trade setups based on the trend strength

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Dear friend,

If you want to finally be able to grow a tiny account multiple times… and nearly eliminate your risk of ruins from stops and bad losses… this might be the most important letter you’ll read this year.

Here’s why:

We’ve just put the finishing touch to the Volume Confidence Trader indicator.

I’m obviously biased but I think this is…

Your Best Tool To Pick High-Profit Intraday Trends Based On “Smart Money Concepts.”

Concepts like Supply Demand and Volume-Based Market Sentiment. Which only the pro-traders are privy to. Until now…

Let me explain…

Volume Confidence Trader combines supply demand zones and past volume data in an ingenious way…

… to determine great entries to winning trades.

You see, volume data can tell a lot about market movement and sentiment.

Volume Confidence Trader uses past volume data to evaluate and categorize market sentiment as confidence or disbelief.

From that, it issues volume-based trade signals.

It then goes to great lengths to counter-check those trade signals…

By taking advantage of the unbeatable responsiveness of one of the top-rated custom moving average in the market and precisely measuring the trend strength.

That way, Volume Confidence Trader can predict trend changes and generate trade alerts more accurately than I ever dreamed possible.

For the first time ever, Volume Confidence Trader uses our Quintuple Confirmation algorithm to filter the best entries

To bring out ultimate accuracy in identifying entries, Volume Confidence Trader uses our 5-step confirmation process.

First step: it analyzes the market confidence/disbelief based on a complex volume-based algorithm and identifies great trade setups.

It then goes the extra mile to counter-check the trade setups by 4 additional steps, as follows.

Second step: it confirms the overall trend of the market by using 2 Hull moving averages with different periods.

Third step: it comes out with 5 different scenarios to accurately specify the trend strength, by measuring the slopes of both Hull moving averages.

Fourth step: it further increases its precision, by gauging the trend strength in accordance with the market volatility..

Fifth step: with the value of the trend strength, it counter-checks the market confidence/disbelief to produce one-of-a-kind alerts.

  • If the market turns to confidence during an uptrend => BULLISH alert (BLUE arrow), I would BUY.
  • If the market turns to disbelief during a downtrend => BEARISH alert (RED arrow), I would SELL.

You see, our proprietary Quintuple Confirmation algorithm can safeguard you from dangerous and false signals.

Help you avoid lousy entries.

And bring you monster-sized profits.

Let’s have a look at this interesting chart below to see it for yourself.

Did you know why Volume Confidence Trader uses Hull moving averages (MAs) instead of other MAs?

It uses Hull moving averages to eliminate lag and determine unbeatable entries

Let me explain…

There are 2 good reasons why it uses Hull moving averages.

Like other moving averages, Hull moving averages help confirm trends or reversals.

But that’s not all…

Alan Hull used to emphasize that he created Hull moving averages to identify entries and exits.

Based on their turning points, traders can locate great entries with uncanny accuracy.

And Hull moving averages use weighted moving averages to put more weight on more recent prices.

As such, they are more responsive to price movement than traditional moving averages.

Volume Confidence Trader makes use of those proven advantages of Hull moving averages.

And generates unbeatable entries to highly profitable trades.

Beside the fabulous entries it generates…

Volume Confidence Trader offers a wide variety of ways to detect great trade setups.

Let’s talk about them.

First, it gives you an…

Unconventional way of evaluating past volume to tell market confidence or disbelief

Its algorithm compares the highs and lows of adjacent candle bars.

And examines the volume spikes at those higher highs and lower lows, to grade the demand and supply at those positions.

It then assesses the overall supply and demand in the predetermined period.

To tell whether the market is “confidence” or “disbelief”.

That way, it effectively filters good and bad entries.

And gives you mega-valuable trade alerts.

The chart above shows you how to get entries based on the volume-based signals.

But, there is another interesting way to use Volume Confidence Trader…

That is…

It can accurately detect great trade setups based on the trend strength

Volume Confidence Trader categorizes the trend strength into 5 different levels with different colors for your easy viewing:

But wait, there’s more…

With those identified trade setups, you can now double-check their accuracy with the second round of evaluation of market confidence or disbelief.

If the market is “disbelief” and in a downtrend → BEARISH entry, I would SELL.

If the market is “confidence” and in an uptrend → BULLISH entry, I would BUY.

Let’s have a look at this exciting chart.

It is one of the very few indicators that use 4 data points in its algorithm

Its sophisticated algorithm involves 4 data points: volume, high, low and close of the past prices.

And so, it exploits almost all the data that is available.

To generate astonishing and timely entries that no analysis of out-dated indicators could ever tell you.

No matter if you are an elite pro or a newbie in trading…

As long as you are fed up with the obsolete indicators that constantly give you horrible trade signals…

Or you are dying to know an urgent but powerful way out…

The hassle-free kind of absolute winning strategy.

This indicator is the one for you.

Volume Confidence Trader gives you an unfair advantage over other traders

Volume Confidence Trader runs based on not only science, logic, and math, but also market sentiment.

Within the hour installing it, you will realize that is a sweetheart deal.

You will forget those days when you put money and pride on the line. Forever.

So, try it out now.

Timely alerts, so you won’t miss out on important trades.

You’ll get all kinds of alerts: Pop-up, Sound, Email, and Push Notifications as soon as a new trade setup forms…

And you can customize these alerts in any way you want.

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