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Volume Force Pro for MT4


📌 Spots hidden volume surges and PREDICTS market reversals BEFORE they happen—being tipped off early gives you the clear advantage…
📌 Signal arrows stay FIXED with the clear point of ENTRY before the start of any new trend—yes.
📌 INSTANT alerts with recommended ENTRY, TAKE PROFIT & STOP LOSS

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Guesswork Removed COMPLETELY!

Your goal as a trader is to be profitable within minutes of placing a trade—usually as a new trend starts.

Unfortunately, most traders never get the PERFECT entry right.

With a wrong entry, trades sometimes meander for hours before hitting the profit target… if it doesn’t hit the stop loss first.

Not with Volume Force Pro…

It uses an algorithm that’s based on Volume, High, Low and Close prices of every candle to calculate Volume Force.

Once that Volume Force is calculated, it then plots a chart as histogram based on the subtraction of 34-period EMA and 54-period EMA of the volume force along with a “signal line” which is a 13-period EMA of the histogram chart. Based on the crossing between the signal line and the zero line, it predicts the trend of the price:

If it all sounds a little too technical for you, here is simply what you will do:

When the red line crosses UP past zero on the signal line & the BLUE arrow appears, I’d BUY. When it crosses DOWN past ZERO on the signal line & the RED arrow appears, I’d SELL.

Does THAT sound hard?

Really, that’s the secret to successful trades like this:

Here’s why Volume Force Pro Is Superior In Performance & Efficiency

Do you know what any trader who’s been miserably unsuccessful in the past will tell you?



Because they lie.

They lag.

And they are NEVER definite.

Even after so-called analysis of determining it is in the ‘SELL’ zone based on traditional criteria, the markets shoot UP and takes your money with it. The same thing happens vice versa when it supposedly says you are to BUY.

Forget those.

With Volume Force Pro everything changes…

It registers the surge in the volume of orders in REAL TIME in tandem with price. With this rush of orders, the algorithm determines in the background that an impending change in trend is coming… and… once it does… it prints an arrow at the EARLIEST prompting you to get in before the first stages of that trend.



If you are trader who is addicted to profiting off trends from the earliest start to the very last pip, you will definitely LOVE it.

And if you’re new to trading?

This is one of THE best indicators in our Vault (which you will discover later) that could make you very profitable, VERY quickly.

You will get precise ENTRY, STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT by simply glancing at the upper right hand corner of your platform.

Sophisticated mathematical calculations embedded in the algorithm spits out that data from variables of volume and price that no analysis of out-dated indicators could ever tell you.

And this works for ANY time frame… any currency… or any asset class you’re trading.

Come Take Advantage of This Highly-Accurate Trend Trading Phenomenon Today

In the next few minutes, it’s possible you could be placing a BUY trade like the one below: When the red signal line in the lower pane crosses the zero line on its way UP, the BLUE arrow prints.

For a SELL trade, if you take a look in the lower pane, you’ll see that once the red line crosses the zero line on its way down and the RED arrow prints, you just copy the data handed to you.

Plus, to make sure you never miss any of these important trades, you’ll get alerted by pop-up to your MT4 terminal window, desk top push notification and by email notification.

With These Alerts, You Determine How Much You Want To Make

If it’s one trade a day… or four… it’s really up to you—taking into consideration the amount of capital you have and the number of currency pairs you’ve chosen.

You can turn it up… or turn it down… however you like…

But it gets better…

You know the saying which goes — “there’s a lot more where that came from”?

You’ll Also Be Impressed By The Powerful Suite of Indicators Volume Force Pro Is A Part Of…

As indicated below, you can download the Volume Force Pro indicator right now at a ridiculously low one-time price if you’re one of the first 200 grab it while it lasts.

By itself, it’s EXCELLENT—but when you combine it with the other indicators in the Indicator Vault Premium package, which are just as easy to use, you could become unstoppable by investing a few dollars more.

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