3 Popular Forex Trading Strategies To Trade More Profitably

3 Popular forex Trading Strategies you must know to trade more profitably

Do you want to make money through currency trading? If so, it is a must to Identify a successful Forex trading strategy. In general, there are a variety of trading methods developed by various types of traders to assist you in making a profit in the market. Understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, Indicator Vault will show you 3 most popular strategies so you can choose the finest Forex trading strategy that fits their trading style as well as their risk tolerance

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1. Why do you need a forex trading strategy?

forex trading strategies
The importance of a forex trading strategy

Trading inherently involves emotions, which might sway your trading judgments. Ask yourself, how many times have you felt afraid or avarice after opening a position?… 

Many rookie traders keep lost deals open in the hope that the market will flip and allow them to exit at breakeven or with a little profit. They also make similar blunders with successful trades, closing their positions too soon for fear of the market reversing and wiping out their profits. Does this sound familiar?

Sticking to a set of principles established by a trading strategy will help you eliminate momentary emotions from your trade. Opening, managing, and sticking to profitable trades is much easier if you have a defined set of regulations that specify how to manage your earnings. Also, if you have a successful method, closing a losing and non-performing trade becomes a routine trading decision.

2. Criterias for selecting a forex trading strategy


Before we explore the most common Forex trading techniques, we must first grasp the best approaches for selecting a trading strategy. In this process, there are three major components that must be considered.

2.1 Time frame 

It is critical to select a time frame that is appropriate for your trading style. There is a significant difference between trading on a 15-minute chart and trading on a weekly chart for a trader. If you want to become a scalper, a trader who profits from little market movements, you should concentrate on lower time frames, such as 1-minute to 15-minute charts. 

Swing traders, on the other hand, are more likely to employ a 4-hour chart as well as a daily chart to create profitable trading chances. As a result, before deciding on your favorite trading method, consider how long you want to continue in a trade.

2.2 Number of trading opportunities

When deciding on a strategy, you should consider how often you wish to open positions. If you want to open a larger number of positions, you should use a scalping trading method. 

Traders who spend more time and energy examining macroeconomic reports and fundamental factors, on the other hand, are likely to spend less time in front of charts. As a result, their favored trading approach focuses on longer time frames and larger bets.

2.3 Position size

Choosing the right trade size is vital. Successful trading methods necessitate understanding your risk tolerance. Risking more than what you can afford can lead to larger losses. 

A typical piece of advice in this approach is to set a risk limitation for each deal. For example, traders frequently establish a 1% limit on their trades, which means they will not risk more than 1% of their account on a single trade.

3. Three Successful Strategies

And here is the best part, let’s go through three prominent Forex trading techniques that have shown to be profitable:

3.1 Scalping strategy

A demonstration of how scalping strategy works (thinkmarkets.com, n.d)

Scalping is preferred by forex traders who favor making quick trades that last only a few minutes or who aim to profit from several price changes. Forex scalping focuses on earning tiny but regular profits while minimizing losses. These quick trades would include only a few pips in price fluctuation, but when combined with enormous leverage, a trader might face huge losses.

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3.2 Day trading strategy

Day trading is an alternate forex trading method if you wish to trade for brief periods of time but don’t feel comfortable with scalping’s hectic pace. This usually just requires one trade each day, which is carried out during the day. Any intraday price changes in the applicable currency pair result in gains or losses. 

For this kind of trading, you’d need enough time to conduct background research, keep track of the deal, and have a solid grasp of how the economy might impact the pair you’re trading. Your position might be affected if significant economic news were to emerge on that day. Learn more about day trading in forex.

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An example of how day trading strategy works
An example of how day trading strategy works (thinkmarkets.com, n.d)

3.3 Position trading strategy

An example of how position trading strategy works
An example of how position trading strategy works (thinkmarkets.com, n.d)

Position trading is a long-term investment technique. This trading approach, in contrast to scalping and day trading, places a strong emphasis on fundamental variables. 

Since they have little impact on the overall market picture, minor market changes are not taken into account in this method. 

To spot cyclical trends, position traders are likely to keep an eye on monetary policies of central banks, political events, and other fundamental factors. 

Successful position traders may only open a few transactions every year. The profit targets in these trades, however, are probably going to be at least a few hundred pip each trade. Because their position may take weeks, months, or even years to play out, this trading method is designated for more patient traders..

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4. Summary

Each trader needs to find the best Forex trading strategy that suits their trading style. Understanding the art of forex trading, Indicator Vault is one of the pioneers with their products: Scalping Solution Indicator, Logic Day Trading Indicator, A-RSI Indicator and many more….   And the outcomes are clear from their long history of dedication to more than 17000+ clients worldwide..

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