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15 years in business. Stellar reputation. Used by 17,000+ traders worldwide. 2,000 loyal, repeat customers.


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We’re a team of experienced Python and MQL developers with over 15 years of experience coding technical indicators for the Metatrader, Ninjatrader, and Tradingview platforms.

Our mission is to help traders all over the world analyze their trading charts better and improve their trading skills

We’re passionate about developing pattern recognition tools and using technology to increase the efficiency of our software tools.


Next-Gen Indicators For TradingView MT4 MT5 | Platform

TradingView Indicator

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Supply Demand Pro for Tradingview

Now you can easily spot high-probability supply demand zones with the brand-new Supply Demand Pro for Tradingview indicator.

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Great scanner indicators
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I've been using their scanner type indicators for 3 years now. Really helps saving time scanning for trade setups across many pairs. I'm really surprised at the 1-star fake reviews: Their indicators are plug-ins for the MT4 platform. Of course, they don't work on mobile simply because MT4 mobile doesn't allow custom indicators. Plus, they're a software team. Of course, there're more devs than traders on the team.
February 10, 2023
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BTW, loving these indicators! I've tried most of them but have settled these as my favourites so far: Contrarian Picker, Supply Demand Pro, Top Bottom Finder, and Laser Reversal. I've never seen anything like the Supply Demand Pro... that's amazing and explains so much in market moves, to the point that I can anticipate, if no reversals, consolidation zones. I help businesses, identify and leverage your unique essence, to increase financial success. I start by uncovering your special brand positioning and ramping-up your results via digital marketing that actually works.
bought several tools from Indicator Vault
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I just got started trading and bought several tools from Indicator Vault. The tools somewhat simplify my trading. Definitely make the decision making easier for me. Support is not very fast, but adequate. All-in-all, it's a good buy.
Dave Reed
Dave Reed
Great customer service
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Great customer service. I wanted to try this out but was skeptical because there were some bad reviews. I reached out to them and they responded quickly. I moved forward with the purchase and it turned out great. It’s clearly a great tool and worth a try.I bought some and have frequently used them in my trading. They have given me good results.

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