Logic Day Trading for NinjaTrader 8


📌 It detects HIGH-PROBABILITY trade setups based on price action ONLY.
📌 It reacts EXTREMELY QUICKLY to changes in market conditions, so you can capture the best trade opportunities…
📌 It gives you timely alerts based on breakouts and consolidation zones…

Hi there,

I get it.

You love the thrill of day trading. And the profit it could bring. And you love the instant reward: You could enter a trade and exit it within a few hours, and see the gains almost immediately.

But day trading also means the roller coaster of excitement and fear. And on top of that, the biggest problem of day trading is that — it’s almost impossible to reliably identify high-probability trades when you’re dealing with the intraday time frames and the associated noise & whipsaw.

I remember when I first got started day-trading, there was so many false signals and noise… most of the time I would get stopped out almost as soon as I entered a position.

I got sick of it.

So I embarked on a journey to find a new approach to profitable day trading.

And I think I did it.

Here’s the full scoop:

Based on Donchian breakouts and price patterns, our all-new “Logic Day Trading” indicator is an amazing indicator for scalping and day trading the intraday charts (works best for 30-minute and 1-hour time frame).

Because it uses purely price action to pick trade setups (our unique algorithm doesn’t use ANY lagging indicator at all for pattern detection), it reacts to the market very fast.

That way, you can be sure you get in a profitable trade as early as possible… and extract as much profit as you can out of any intraday price movement.

First off…

“Logic Day Trading” Indicator on Ninjatrader Works Extremely Well For Scalping On 30-Minute Time Frame…

Let’s take a look at how the indicator works on EUR/USD pair in the 30-minute time-frame:

See how well the Logic Day Trading indicator detects trade opportunities for scalping the 30-minute charts?

In this example, even if you used a super simple strategy like buying when the indicator signals an upward price move… and selling when the indicator signals a downward price move… you would have easily pocketed 7 winning trades.

Not too shabby, right?

Let’s take a look at 2 more case studes… this time on the AUD/USD 30-minute time frame:

And USD/JPY 30-minute time frame:

As you can see, Logic Day Trading indicator works super well at identifying trade setups for scalping the intraday time frames.

Plus… because it’s based on price action only, it reacts EXTREMELY QUICKLY to market changes. That way, you’d be the first to get in when a trade opportunity presents itself.

But that’s not all. It keeps getting better…

The Indicator Works Extremely Well For Day-Trading On 1-Hour Time Frame…

Let’s walk through a case study on the USD/CHF hourly chart:

In the above chart, because a lot of false signals are eliminated thanks to the indicator’s unique algorithm, Logic Day Trading indicator gives you 9 winners out of 10 signals. And if you just followed these signals, nothing more nothing less, you would have gotten 9 winning trades. Gotta love these simple wins!

One more example on the USD/CHF pair in the 1-hour timeframe:

If the Logic Day Trading indicator gave you these signals, would you be able to profit from these clear trade setups?

I bet you could.

Let’s analyze another example on GBP/USD pair:

In this case we get 4 big wins and 2 small win. It really can’t get any easier than this.

And by the way…

“Logic Day Trading” Indicator Is Perfect For Detecting Breakouts…

Did you know that Logic Day Trading indicator also identifies true breakouts with great accuracy?

Here’s a case study on EUR/USD hourly chart:

In this case, the Logic Day Trading indicator detects a legitimate breakout to the upside. This turns out to be a big win.

And did you notice that the indicator also helps you pick another win from the subsequent correction move? How cool is it.

But maybe this is the most interesting part of all:

Logic Day Trading Indicator Is The Best Tool I’ve Seen For Catching Tops And Bottoms…

No, it’s not the Holy Grail, nor the magic bullet. But it’s pretty darn good at catching tops and bottoms.

And it gets even better:

The indicator also tells you the maximal profits you could get on each trade…

See the number highlighted in yellow? That’s the maximal profits you would be able to get if you were to follow the previous signal.

That way, you could do your own research and decide which signals to take & which to ignore.

Anyway, most developers would be satisfied with this and stop there. But not us. We went an extra mile and did something amazing:

We integrated the “underlying trend” filters into the indicator’s algorithm, so it only detects the setups in direction of the underlying trend…

And thanks to these unique filters, Logic Day Trading indicator is now even better. Take a look at this example on GBP/USD and I’m confident you’ll be impressed:

Let’s zoom in on the 2 big market moves. And see how large these moves actually are. If you used Logic Day Trading indicator, you would have able to easily capitalize on these moves: