Pivot Staircases for NinjaTrader 8



📌 Assist users in range trading: when price touches the Lower Resistance Staircase / Upper Support Staircase, price is bound to reverse.
📌 Identify accurate reversal points.
📌 Predict breakouts.

What exactly is this indicator?

Pivot Staircases is made for traders who are:

  • Tired of missed breakout opportunities
  • Hesitant to enter when a trend switches direction
  • Losing direction when the market is in consolidation

If these sound familiar to you, or if you just don’t want to miss out on any potential trades, this indicator can be your game-changer.

The secret behind this indicator is its dynamic resistance and support levels constructed from the previous day’s high, low, close, and Fibonacci numbers. As a result, Pivot Staircases will only issue high-probability trade setups on your chart.

Take a look at Pivot Staircases indicator for NinjaTrader in action:

Pivot Staircase for NT8 - Craft Indicators

Outstanding performance compared to traditional supports and resistances

Pivot Staircases doesn’t just show rigid and fixed horizontal support and resistance levels. Instead, this indicator draws staircases on your chart (hence the name), which are more dynamic and accurate than the traditional support and resistance.

Pivot Staircase for NT8

These 4 staircases, as stated below, follow the price movements closely and give you multiple actionable trading levels.

  • Upper Resistance Staircase as the upper blue line
  • Lower Resistance Staircase as the lower blue line
  • Upper Support Staircase as the upper red line
  • Lower Support Staircase as the lower red line

It results in much fewer false signals, minimized risks to save you from losing, and compatibility with any of your current strategies.

Pivot Staircase for NT8

Find trade setups effortlessly with the inner staircases

Most of the time, the price stays inside the inner channel bounded by the lower blue line and the upper red line of Pivot Staircases.

When you see the price touching either side of the inner channel, it is bound to turn back. That means in a ranging market, you can easily score many wins with the help of Pivot Staircases.

Pivot Staircase for NT8

But once the price exceeds that inner channel followed by an arrow alert by Pivot Staircases, that’s an ideal opportunity for reversal traders.

Because a reversal is likely to happen after that alert, and you can win a trend shift right from the beginning.

The upper blue line and lower red line (outer channel) can now serve as Stop Loss levels to prevent you from unexpected losses.

Pivot Staircase for NT8 - Craft Indicators

Pivot Staircases is a fantastic indicator to find breakout setups

Clear of false breakouts, and an abundance of good breakout setups.

This indicator’s outer channel is an ultimate filter to notify you of big breakout trades whenever the price surpasses the upper blue line or the lower red line.

Pivot Staircase for NT8

As close as it gets to a VERSATILE and AUTOMATED trading solution

Outstanding reversal setups on a Forex instrument.

Pivot Staircase for NT8

On-time reversal alerts on a Crypto instrument.

Pivot Staircase for NT8 - Craft Indicators

Big breakout moves spots by this indicator on a Futures instrument.

Pivot Staircase for NT8

Pivot Staircases shows you the best place to enter your trades on any instrument, finds various types of alerts, and suggests you Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.

In other words, it gives you EVERYTHING on a silver platter, and your job is significantly reduced to executing a trade and watching your account get fatten.

Timely alerts, so you won’t miss out on important trades

You have the option to show either reversal or breakout alerts, or both.

Pivot Staircase for NT8

You’ll get all kinds of alerts: Pop-up, Sound, Email, and Push Notifications as soon as a new trade setups appears…

And you can customize these alerts in any way you want.

Pivot Staircase for NT8