5 of the Most Elite Forex Traders Dominating the Market

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Dive in and get inspired by the top trader ever seen in Forex. From spot-on forecasts to thriving startups, it seems trading isn’t that tough, after all.

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1. Introduction

Top trader has always been pivotal in shaping the Forex market, from groundbreaking forecasts to managing booming hedge funds. They’ve proven their unmatched mastery of currency trading and its inner workings.

This article covers top institutional investors and corporations that keep making waves in the market. You’ll also receive a mind-blowing technical system to follow in their footsteps with little to no effort.

2. Kathy Lien - BK Asset

One of the top FX traders, Kathy Lien, began her Wall Street career as a teenager after graduating from the Stern School of Business, NYU.

With an immediate focus on currency trading, her admirable mastery earned her a rank in JPMorgan, where she traded FX spot, futures, options, equities, and bonds. She has worked, assisted, and founded several trading firms, such as FXCM and Global Futures & Forex Ltd.

Kathy is now a committed managing director of FX Strategy at BK Asset Management, New York. The industry titan prioritizes Greater China investment opportunities.

3. Andrew Krieger - Edenridge Trading LLC

Andy Krieger stole the spotlight as an institutional investor, working for Bankers Trust in 1987. He set the Wall Street Profit record for the highest-earning trader after securing $300 million from Black Monday’s crash.

Top trader, Forex, Institutional Investor, Institutional Trader, Order block, Order block Gen
New York City Wall Street | Freepik

Before and after that, he worked with Salomon Brothers and Quantum Fund, respectively, but eventually started his private asset management firm. It closed sometime later, and the guru joined Edenridge Trading LLC as a managing director.

Despite his primary focus in the Forex market, Andy explores over 50 other top traders. His volatile and trend-following strategies have boasted massive returns for his clients, like in 2007, when he made about 300% gains.

His trading expertise and humanitarian efforts have earned him several accolades, including a spot in the Trader Hall of Fame and the Friends of India Service Award.

4. Paul Tudor Jones - Tudor Investment Corporation

Paul Tudor Jones is among the most esteemed institutional top traders of all time, revered for forecasting Black Monday, among other feats.

His first taste of the financial markets came in 1976, after an introduction to commodity trading. Four years later, he would open his firm, Tudor Investment Corporation, actively researching, trading, and investing across currencies, equities, commodities, etc.

As of April 2022, the CEO is worth US$7.3 billion. His hedge fund is still blossoming, and he’s become one of the top traders in the philanthropic scene.

5. Bill Lipschutz - Hathersage Capital Management

1956-born Bill Lipschutz is another highly respected trader who, like Krieger, managed funds for Salomon Inc.

His fundamental trading strategies led to the bank’s annual earnings of over $300 million by 1985. However, he left for Hathersage Capital Management in 1900 after serving as Salomon’s top trader for nearly a decade.

Lipschutz is most famous for turning $12,000 into $250,000 in the 70s. Despite losing the entire funds after one bad risk management mistake, his subsequent successes prove he learned his lesson well.

Risk management - an essential skill for success | Pixabay

His sayings have flooded several trading communities, being of immense guide to newbies.

6. Larry Hite - Hite Capital Management

Larry Hite is one of the most successful market participants of top traders in his generation, amassing millions from hedge fund management.

Hite jointly established Mint Investments in 1981, which reportedly grew into the largest commodity trading advisor within a decade based on funds under management. In 2000, he founded Hite Capital Management after departing Mint to prioritize his family office business.

Hite has written an award-winning book on how he beat the odds of life and the markets, encapsulating his 30+ years of experience with the charts and life in general.

If you’ve ever been curious about ‘system trading,’ this master is one of its pioneers.

7. Trade Like The Top Trader With Order blocks and Order Block Gen

No matter your stance as a retail trader, large financial institutions are believed to be the ‘market movers.’ Their sentiment and much larger positions are more influential to price movement.

Thus, it’s advisable to consider and follow their lead once sitting in front of the charts.

Fortunately, order blocks are one of their most standout footprints.

They are the last bullish or bearish candle before a bearish or bullish price run, respectively. The price will typically return to them before obeying the short- or long-term bias.

Therefore, spotting them in the charts gives a significant headstart while trading.

The most recommended technical tool for this is Order Block Gen for TradingView by Indicator Vault. It exposes the highest-probability order blocks, which is invaluable for contrarian trading.

Top trader, Forex, Institutional Investor, Institutional Trader, Order block, Order block Gen
Order block Gen in action on a TradingView chart

Here are some underrated advantages of working with Order Block Gen:

  • Early assurance of potential price reversal points with the highest probability
  • Knowledge of the most favorable stop loss and take profit placement levels
  • Freedom to trade in any market across all timeframes
  • Guarantee of never missing the best opportunities via prompt pop-up, sound, and email alerts

Sounds unreal? Click here to confirm these and more ASAP. You’ll be glad you did.

8. Final Thoughts

The Forex market comprises notable figureheads, from Andrew Krieger, who broke Wall Street records, to Lipschutz, the multi-million dollar account manager with jaw-dropping returns.

Following their footsteps is easier said than done. Thus, Indicator Vault’s Order Block Gen is highly recommended for traders of all experience levels.

Got any top investors or institutions in mind who deserve to make this list? Let the world know in the Comment Section below.

Also, remember to share this article with any ambitious trader hoping to make this list someday for some motivation.

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