3 Easy And Profitable Trading Strategies For Beginners

3 easy and profitable trading strategy for beginner

As a newbie, trading forex might be intimidating, and you may be seeking a good plan to get started. No pressure there! We’re here to help. Check out this useful guide about top 3 super easy and profitable forex trading methods to jumpstart your profitable trading career!

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1. What is a Forex Trading Strategy?

trading strategies

A strategy is a well-thought-out plan that takes you toward a clear target. Similarly, a forex trading strategy is a purposeful process that assists a forex trader in evaluating whether to buy or sell a currency pair at a specific time.

A forex trading strategy typically includes:

  • Choosing an analysis technique —Before you can choose a strategy, you must first choose an analysis approach. Most traders apply technical analysis, while some employ fundamental analysis or a combination of the two. Existing trading systems, however, necessitate differing degrees of technical and fundamental analysis. To assess trends, you can use tools such as a technical indicator, candles, or patterns. 
  • Homework assignment: graph analysis — You will need to learn how to read forex charts and graphs as a newbie. Then, to keep track of the currency market, study these charts and graphs on a regular basis.
  • Finding signals based on the analysis process – This is critical in your trading plan. The signals that tell you whether to purchase or sell will vary depending on your analytical method. 
  • Backtesting is the process of testing a strategy on past data. Backtesting is a technique for determining how well your selected approach has performed in terms of generating returns. This will assist you in predicting the possibility of future earnings.

2. What are the Best Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners?

A profitable trading strategy allows you to learn how to trade currencies in the forex market. Though forex is difficult and competitive, it may be beneficial if you learn to play your cards correctly. To continuously succeed, you must hone your trading abilities and methods. As a newbie, it is best to start trading currencies with modest leverage. Low leverage allows you to absorb losses while also protecting your capital. 

The forex trading methods discussed below are simple enough for novices to grasp and implement. Furthermore, they have been thoroughly tested and confirmed to be beneficial in increasing revenues.

A/Trend trading strategy

A trend trading strategy is one of the easiest tactics in forex trading. It entails using technical indicators to determine the direction of market momentum and then going long or short in response. 

The primary idea of this trading method is that forex markets are frequently expected to behave in a specific manner – and prior trends and movements might aid in future forecasting. However, it is still critical to have a sound risk management strategy in place because a currency pair’s historical performance is not a guarantee of future price movements. 

Moving averages (MAs), relative strength index (RSI), and average directional index (ADI) are some of the most common technical indicators used to determine trends in forex trading (ADX).

An example of how Logic Trendline indicator works

However, it’s a familiar story and it usually goes like this: “Sometimes I feel like the market’s playing a joke on me. As soon as I entered the trade, price pierced right through my trendline, triggered my stop loss. And then shot up in MY original direction.”

Does this sound familiar?

What if there’s an indicator that AUTOMATICALLY draws the CORRECT trendline for you? 

I’m glad you asked. Logic Trendline Indicator is the tool for you

What makes it so special?

  • By utilizing our accurate trendline algorithm. Proven through statistical testing.
  • So you can be confident price respects your trendlines more often… your stop loss is safer… and you could win more trades…
  • Plus, once the price breaks this Logic Trendline, it often leads to significant market moves.

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B/Swing Trading

Swing trading is a strategy used by many traders to earn from a free trade within a few days or weeks. To maximize earnings from a currency deal, swing traders maintain positions longer than day traders. As a result, they blend technical and fundamental analysis to capitalize on long-term trading possibilities. 

Swing trading has relatively large capital requirements, making it less accessible to traders. Nonetheless, as a beginner, you learn to mature over time by employing this method. Swing trading helps you to assess the market before making a trade decision. 

Swing trading is an excellent method for novices. This is due to the fact that you can begin trading without prior expertise and learn how to combine technical and fundamental analysis.

swing trading strategy
An example of how Swing Force indicator works

But, can we be totally honest with you? Swing traders often miss longer-term trends in favor of short-term market moves.

Sounds sad, doesn’t it?..

Let me take a wild guess. You are wishing for a Swing trading indicator that helps you earn profit…

Check this out: “Swing Force for Tradingview” Indicator 

And you know what?

The “Swing Force for Tradingview” indicator gives you a timely alert whenever a trend continuation or trend reversal trade set-up appears.

This tool identifies High-Probability Trend continuation and reversal Trade Setups by combining Support/Resistance breakout & reliable price action patterns.And these high-probability trade setups are often followed by big market moves. They are very reliable because these setups are confirmed by two factors: strong breakout from support / resistance levels AND high-probability price action patterns.

So you can be confident entering a trade. No stress. No doubt. No uncertainty.

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C/Momentum trading strategy

Momentum trading is focused with the strength of a trend rather than the trend itself. This method assumes that if a trend is strong enough, it will continue in the same direction (either upward or downward). 

If you employ this approach, you will open your position when the trend gets momentum and close it when the trend begins to decelerate. Volume, volatility, and timeframes must all be considered when determining momentum. 

The momentum indicator, RSI, MAs, and stochastic oscillator are prominent indicators for this method.

Finally, market sentiment has a significant impact on momentum. News and economic events, such as interest rate announcements, can have a significant impact on FX pricing. When a trend is gaining strength, a big number of traders often enter the market, implying even more momentum.

momentum trading strategy
A example of how Natural Momentum indicator works

But do you know what? Momentum trading is subject to crashes, or to put it simply, it’s good until it’s not. The data is suggestive of two major problems with momentum.

To solve this problem, we offer you: Natural Momentum indicator

  • This Natural Momentum indicator predicts when the market is slowing down, and when the trends are about to change. By using natural logs in its algorithm to evaluate all relevant past market data.
  • Identifies high-probability trade setups, thanks to its sophisticated real-time calculation.
  • Weeds out many false signals, by using TEMA formula to filter market noise.

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3. Features of effective Forex strategies

trading strategies

Finally, let’s look at the characteristics of a profitable trading plan. What features does it acquire? The three most significant characteristics of an effective trading strategy are as follows: 

  • Indicators with the least lag. The less lag there is, the more accurate the forecast. Forex trading strategies that are successful do not use lagging indicators. 
  • Simplicity. It is critical to understand the fundamental concepts of your trading strategy. It is preferable to be an expert in a simple approach rather than a complex plan. It is critical to comprehend your forex trading approach. 
  • Features that are unique. A strategy should be suited to your trading style and approaches, as well as your personality and particular circumstances.

4. The bottom line

It is vital to devise a trading strategy. However, you must first try a variety of alternative tactics that have been developed and tested. Learn about the latest Forex trading methods, develop and enhance your trading strategy. Following this easy instruction will enable you to be satisfied with your trading results.

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