Trading Edge for Smart Money Concepts: Powerful TradingView Indicators And MT4 Indicators


Smart Money concepts can help traders understand the market and improve their strategies, and using indicators to analyze Smart Money may allow traders to make better market decisions.

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1. Understand Smart Money Concepts

The term “Smart Money” refers to institutional investors or large market participants who have significant resources and expertise to move the market with their trades. These participants can include hedge funds, investment banks, and other large financial institutions.

Smart Money traders have access to more information, better technology, and often work in teams to execute trades, which can give them an advantage over retail traders. They can also move the market with their trades, which means that their actions can influence the direction and momentum of a given asset or market. 

By understanding SMC, traders can potentially gain valuable insights into the market and make more informed trading decisions. For example, by identifying where Smart Money is active in the market, traders can potentially follow their trades and ride the momentum of the market.

Some popular terms associated with Smart Money concepts (SMC) are: Order Block, Market Structure Break, Mitigation Block, and Liquidity Void. Using indicators is one way to analyze Smart Money and utilize these concepts.

2. TradingView and MT4 indicators for Smart Money Concepts

Order Block Gen

The Order Block Gen indicator, as the name suggests, identifies order blocks on a chart. An order block is an area where Smart Money placed their trades and left behind a “footprint.” By identifying these areas, traders can potentially identify where Smart Money is active in the market and use this information to make more informed trading decisions.

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With this TradingView indicator on your chart, you can:

  • Easily see all reversal points in ALL pairs and ALL frames.
  • Recognize the REAL direction of market moves and identify “REAL” trade setups.
  • Get MORE quick wins and BIGGER wins from these order block-based reversal trades.

Order Block Edge

The Order Block Edge indicator is a counterpart of the Order Block Gen for TradingView above that is also able to identify order blocks on a chart. However, this indicator for MT4 goes one step further by providing potential entry and exit points based on the identified order blocks. By using this indicator, traders can potentially enter and exit trades at the most advantageous points.

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  • Instantly see all possible reversal points across ALL currency pairs and ALL timeframes.
  • Know, with a high degree of certainty, how the price will behave when it hits these reversal points.
  • Stop falling for “fake” trade setups. Always know the REAL direction of ANY market move.

Supply Demand Reversals

The Supply Demand Reversals indicator identifies potential areas where supply and demand imbalances are present on a chart. These areas can be indicative of where Smart Money is active in the market and can potentially provide valuable insights into where the market may reverse.

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This TradingView indicator is also based on Mitigation Block concept, provides good reversal detection:

  • Hands-off way to find high-probability BIG reversals: identify STRONG trend reversals based on supply demand zones and Mitigation Block.
  • It’s an entirely new way of trading reversals: When price breaks a strong supply demand zone to the upside, it’s likely a new up swing will occur. Similarly, when price breaks a strong supply demand zone to the downside, it’s likely a new down swing will occur.
  • You’ll also get timely alerts. And suggested stop loss and take profit, so you can rest assured that your trades always have an optimal reward-to-risk ratio.

All-in-One SMC

Unlike other indicators that may only identify one aspect of Smart Money, the All-in-One SMC indicator provides a comprehensive analysis of the market. This comprehensive indicator exclusive for MT4 combines several tools for detecting the most important market structure breaks and order blocks, also including breaker block identification and mitigation block identification. 

This means that traders can potentially identify all the important areas where Smart Money is active in the market and use this information to make more informed trading decisions. You’ll get all kinds of alerts: Pop-up, Sound, Email, and Push Notifications as soon as a new zone appears to quickly keep up with the market.

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all in one smart money concept indicator

In addition, the All-in-One SMC indicator is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Traders can easily customize the settings to their preferences and use the indicator on any timeframe or asset. This versatility makes the All-in-One SMC indicator a valuable tool for traders of all experience levels.

3. The Bottom Line

When it comes to trading, understanding the concepts of Smart Money can be the difference between success and failure. By using the four indicators discussed in this article, traders can potentially gain valuable insights into the market and make more informed trading decisions. Whether you are using TradingView or MT4, there are several powerful tools available to help you analyze Smart Money and order flow.

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