Market Structure Pro for TradingView


đź“Ś Instantly Tells You when the Current Market Structure Is BROKEN… and Price Is Likely to Skyrocket or Nosedive.
đź“Ś Identifies the last bullish order block before the most recent lower low

What exactly is this indicator?

Market Structure Pro for Tradingview detects significant breaks in market structure.

Once the current market structure is broken, there’s a high probability that a major reversal will occur.

Here’s exactly how it works:

In a downtrend, Market Structure Pro for Tradingview identifies the last bullish order block before the most recent lower low. It then draws a rectangle around that order block.

As new bars form, the rectangle is extended. When the price finally breaks this rectangle, the current market structure is considered broken. And the indicator prints an arrow on your charts. Plus all other forms of alerts (pop-up, visual, audio, emails, etc…).

And of course, the same principles also apply for uptrend & bullish markets.

“Market Structure Pro for Tradingview” is my favorite way to identify breaks in market structure, hands-down.

Combine this fascinating technology & multi-timeframe analysis, and you’ll have a proven way to identify trend reversals across all markets.

Watch this short clip to see this amazing indicator in action:

Play Video

Pay attention to the above video, and you’ll quickly realize why I believe Market Structure Pro is such a game-changer:

In this particular video, first off, Market Structure Pro draws a light-blue rectangle around a potential market reversal zone.

As new data comes in, the indicator extends that rectangle until a market reversal occurs. At this point, the color of the rectangle turns into dark blue. And an arrow is printed on the chart to let you know that the market structure has been broken.

And there’s a high probability that a new trend or major pullback has been established.

It gives you an EASY way to visualize market structure breaks & potential trend reversals.

But that’s not all. Not even close…

Once a market structure break is identified, Market Structure Pro for MT4 indicator will also show you a suggestion on place your stop loss and take profit.

In other words, it gives you EVERYTHING on a silver platter: High-probability trade entry, stop loss, take profit…

But maybe the best part of all is…

Market structure break is a UNIVERSAL concept…

It works in ALL markets across ALL timeframes.

And many professionals consider market structure break as THE standard method for trading reversals.

For example, let’s analyze a few market structure breaks on MSFT stock:

Another example on S&P500 index:

And on Gold:

Timely alerts, so you won’t miss out on important trades.

CleanShot 2022-10-19 at 11.20.57@2x

You’ll get all kinds of alerts: Pop-up, Sound, Email, and Push Notifications as soon as a new order block appears…

And you can customize these alerts in any way you want.

Watch this video guide to see how it works:

Setting Manuals

1. Indicator Setting – Market Structure Pro

Zigzag Depth: Sets the minimum number of bars between high and low points for the zigzag pattern. A higher value filters out minor price fluctuations.

Zigzag Deviation: Determines the percentage deviation for the zigzag to consider a price movement significant. Larger values identify more pronounced trends.

Zigzag Backstep: Sets the minimum number of bars between which two highs or lows can be plotted. This helps in avoiding too close alternate peaks and troughs.

Lookback Periodzag Backtest: Defines the number of bars the indicator will review to identify market structures, impacting the sensitivity to recent price changes.

Use Retest Signals: Enables the detection of retest scenarios within the identified market structures.

Show Only First Rectangles: Limits the display to only the most recently  identified rectangles.

Show Only First Arrows: Displays only the most recently arrows in a series, highlighting the most recent  entry points in a market structure.

SL & TP (Stop Loss & Take Profit):

ATR Period for SL Shift: Sets the period for the Average True Range used in calculating the stop loss distance.

SL Shift Coefficient (from ATR): Multiplier applied to the ATR value to set the stop loss distance.

TP Coefficient (from SL): Multiplier applied to the stop loss distance to set the take profit target.

Bullish Rectangle Color (Uncrossed): Color for the bullish rectangle before price crosses it.

Bearish Rectangle Color (Uncrossed): Color for the bearish rectangle before price crosses it.

Bullish Rectangle Color (Crossed): Color for the bullish rectangle after price crosses it.

Bearish Rectangle Color (Crossed): Color for the bearish rectangle after price crosses it.


Bullish/Bearish Arrow: Enable or disable the display of bullish or bearish direction arrows.

Bullish/Bearish Retest Arrow: Show arrows indicating a bullish or bearish retest.

Arrow Colors: Set the color for bullish, bearish, and their respective retest arrows.

Display TP/SL on Chart: Choose to show or hide the take profit and stop loss levels on the chart.

TP/SL Colors: Select the colors for displaying take profit and stop loss levels.

Signal Arrow Size: Adjust the size of the arrows for visibility.

Max Back Bars: Define the maximum number of bars back from the current bar that signals can be displayed.


2. Set up alerts

To stay updated on potential trading opportunities, you can set up alerts within the Market Structure Pro.

Step 1: From the indicator settings, customize your alerts by defining your desired parameters. The selected configurations will be used for notifications in Step 2.

Step 2: To receive notifications through the app, pop-ups, alert emails, Webhook URL, sound alerts, or email-to-SMS, enable these features by clicking on TradingView’s “Alert” icon.

Step 3: Select Market Structure Pro from the “Condition” dropdown list:

Step 4: A pop-up will appear as follows. You click on “Notifications”.

Step 5: You choose the types of notifications you’d like to receive and click the “Create” button.


After purchasing, you’ll fill out a short form that asks for your Tradingview username. And then, we’ll grant your username access to all our indicators within 24 hours.

It works on ALL markets internationally that are available on Tradingview: FX, stocks, indices, commodities, futures, etc…

All sales are final and non-refundable.

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