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  • Supply Demand Pro for MT4


    📌 Detects all the strongest supply demand zones for you.
    📌 It really is a hands-off way to find strong supply demand zones. And you can use these supply demand zones as BOTH entries and exits.
    📌 You’ll also get timely alerts. And suggested stop loss and take profit, so you can rest assured that your trades always have an optimal reward-to-risk ratio.

  • Logic Day Trading For MT4


    ✅ It detects HIGH-PROBABILITY trade setups based on price action ONLY.
    ✅ It reacts EXTREMELY QUICKLY to changes in market conditions, so you can capture the best trade opportunities…
    ✅ It gives you the MOST ACCURATE alerts based on breakouts and consolidation zones…

  • Natural Momentum for MT4


    📌 It predicts the market is slowing down and that the trends are about to change BEFORE they happen, by using natural logs in its algorithm to evaluate all relevant past market data.
    📌 It identifies high-probability trade setups WITHOUT lag, by a sophisticated real-time calculation.
    📌 It weeds out false signals, by a TEMA formula to filter market noise.

  • Smooth Trend Finder for MT4


    ✅ Identify the beginning of new trends with minimal lag.
    ✅ Remove false signals and boost the accuracy in trend detection, by using our proprietary Triple Confirmation algorithm.
    ✅ Recognize the sideways market right when it happens.

  • Order Block Edge for MT4


    ✅ This indicator quietly spies on “Institutional Order Blocks” to find market reversals…
    ✅ You can instantly see all possible reversal points across ALL currency pairs and ALL timeframes.
    ✅ Stop falling for “fake” trade setups. Always know the REAL direction of ANY market move.

  • Scientific Scalper for MT4


    📌 Does all the heavy lifting & gives you accurate signals for scalping on the 5-minute, 15-minute, and 1-hour time frames.
    📌 Analyzes the underlying trend to make sure you always trade with the trend.
    📌 Detects when the market is overbought or oversold.

  • Volume Force Pro for MT4


    📌 Spots hidden volume surges and PREDICTS market reversals BEFORE they happen—being tipped off early gives you the clear advantage…
    📌 Signal arrows stay FIXED with the clear point of ENTRY before the start of any new trend—yes.
    📌 INSTANT alerts with recommended ENTRY, TAKE PROFIT & STOP LOSS

  • Candlestick Pattern for MT4


    ✅ The indicator can identify over 30 candlestick patterns… in real time
    ✅ Highlights the patterns clearly on your charts as soon as they appear…
    ✅ Features a useful multi-timeframe dashboard that displays the latest candlestick pattern on every time frame…
    ✅ Gives you audio, visual, and pop-up alerts whenever a new pattern appears…
    ✅ Does NOT repaint… ever!

  • Versatile Bollinger Bands for MT4


    ✅ Let you identify new market trends based on breakout, and then ride those trends till the end for easy, easy profits.
    ✅ Let you define a CUSTOM Moving Average to use in its core engine.
    ✅ Help you get in the trade BEFORE the trend really starts