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Master the Market with Our Smart Money Concepts Bundle!

🌟 The Smart Money Concepts, one of the latest trading trends, is worth investigating. It isn’t a fundamental or technical discipline, yet the results from current subscribers are mind-blowing.

Now, Indicator Vault brings you a tailored collection of indicators inspired by Smart Money Concepts, allowing you to tap into high-level market insights.

This exclusive bundle includes: Order Block Gen, Propulsion Edge, and Market Structure Pro

Key Features of the Bundle: 🌟

  • Order Block Gen: Effortlessly spot institutional order blocks for strategic trade positioning.
  • Propulsion Edge: Gain insights into momentum shifts for timely entries and exits.
  • Market Structure Pro: Understand the underlying market structure for informed trading decisions.

📊 Combined Power: Harness the combined strength of these indicators for a comprehensive view of the markets.

🔔 Custom Alerts: Keep up with market opportunities with our advanced alert system, ensuring you’re always ahead of significant market movements.

Dive into our comprehensive video guide to explore how each indicator can be applied effectively in various market scenarios.


After purchasing, you’ll fill out a short form that asks for your Tradingview username. And then, we’ll grant your username access to all our indicators within 24 hours.

It works on ALL markets internationally that are available on Tradingview: FX, stocks, indices, commodities, futures, etc…

All sales are final and non-refundable.

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