NinjaTrader: The Powerful Weapon for Futures Traders


Picking the right platform is crucial for successful futures trading, and many interested folks settle for NinjaTrader. Why?

This article will uncover essential details about the platform, including cost-wise advantages and customization ease. You’ll also receive a unique instrument that skyrockets the trading experience by 100-fold.

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1. Key Features & Benefits of NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader 8 (NT8) is an outstanding trading software first founded by Raymond Deux in 2003. Despite an initial design solely for exchanging futures, it has offered CFDs, Forex, options, and stock trading services through partner brokerages.

The logo of NT8 platform

The platform boasts several top accolades, such as the Benzinga Best Brokerage for Trading Futures (three consecutive years) and’s Top Trading Software.

Regardless, those may not be enough to encapsulate its features outlined below:

1.1 Charting and Analysis Tools

From independent reviews, real-time analysis is like no other on NT8. Every move in the futures market, tick by tick, reveals promising opportunities.

NT8 workstation

Its extensive UI may seem intimidating for first-timers, but continuous use and easily customizable nature ensure the feeling doesn’t last long. You can unlock several color themes, edit chart styles, and modify indicators’ appearances without a fuss.

It is even more appealing to investors on a tight budget because the platform claims these features are free. There’s little to no charting restriction with a funded account.

Chart personalization should be the least of your problems while maintaining profitability from trading futures. Fortunately, NinjaTrader ticks this box.

1.2 Order Execution

NinjaTrader supports the standard order types, like market and limit. They function efficiently across all instruments and timeframes to users’ satisfaction.

Trader reading futures market data to execute orders

However, more advanced options are available for paid users. Good til canceled (GTC) and one-cancels-the-other (OCO) orders are examples hardly seen on average trading platforms.

The former is a contingent order that allows traders to possibly profit from either side of the market, while the latter gives traders freedom away from the charts.

Ultimately, they ensure profits with correct forecasts and proper execution because many futures traders consider the platform highly reliable.

1.3 Automation and Algorithm Development

Perhaps this is one of the most desirable features of NinjaTrader, given the surging interest in automated trading. Many traders across several markets desire a stress-free money-making system that aligns with their strategy.

Luckily, this platform comes to investors’ aid with an easily customizable framework – NinjaScript, and advanced order types (discussed earlier).

Automation and algorithm development on NT8

Programmers of every skill level can consider developing indicators and automated strategies with C# prompts. Unskilled traders can also use the Builder point and click interface for theirs.

NinjaTrader promotes this feature extensively, and for good reason. However, the main setback is the demanded fee to enjoy it.

1.4 Multiple Device Option

NinjaTrader Group’s flagship platform was strictly a desktop application. It saw several updates to improve futures traders’ experience continuously.

Thankfully, they launched web and mobile options on March 4, 2023. Traders can now view charts, observe prices, open positions, monitor trades, and manage their accounts on multiple devices.

Today, almost every top trading platform has this feature. 

The mobile application is available for Android and iOS devices. Likewise, PC owners can enjoy trading on any web browser rather than the software, if desired.

Traders may still need the desktop application for more advanced functions, but the basics are available through other mediums.

1.5 Pricing

As discussed, almost any futures trader can use NT8 for free.

Free charting on NT8

You only need a substantial deposit to trade live in its customizable charts. Traders can even access the simulated environment without committing any funds.

Then again, there are limited features like the advanced order types discussed earlier and Order Flow+ that traders must pay fees to exploit. You can opt for a one-time payment of $1,499 or a monthly subscription of $99.

The trade commissions also depend on your plan, with the lowest for Lifetime plan members and the highest for free users.

1.6 Several Supported Brokerages

Many futures traders are content with the built-in NinjaTrader Brokerage. It has proven fast and reliable with price data and trade executions.

Notwithstanding, the platform supports other market data and brokerage options, which broadens investors’ range of tradable instruments.

Acceptable Brokers on NT8

Multiple markets, including Forex and stocks, find their way to NT8 users through:

  • TD Ameritrade
  • Interactive Brokers
  • FXCM
  • City Index

There are two caveats for using them:

  • You need the NT8 desktop application
  • You must purchase the multi-broker add-on, which costs $99 per month

There may be no need for this for strictly futures traders. However, only you can decide whether it’s worth it or not.

2. Must-Have Resources for Futures Trading with NinjaTrader

It’s no shock that NinjaTrader reports over 800k futures traders use the platform. The features, from order execution to device options, are impressive.

Thus, if you’ve also decided to try it, Indicator Vault has developed highly recommended tools to improve your experience. You can access them by gaining the NT Champ membership.

The exclusive subscription will gift you multiple indicators to attack the markets.

One such is the Supply Demand Pro for NinjaTrader. It’s a highly accurate tool that reveals supply and demand zones for price reversal.

Supply Demand Pro for NinjaTrader

Order Block Gen also points out areas of potential reversals in multiple timeframes, unlike the Logic Day Trading indicator, which is most suitable for intra-day trades.

In short, here are a few benefits of subscribing to NT Champ:

  • Access to exclusive, brilliantly designed NinjaTrader indicators that save traders from hiring programmers for development
  • Access to future NinjaTrader indicators that are currently in the works
  • Improved decision-making through signal alerts on the platform
  • Ability to trade in any desired timeframe

Click here and follow the next steps to unlock your futures trading potential.

3. Conclusion

NinjaTrader is one of the best platforms for futures trading. Thanks to the integration of foreign brokers, Forex, stocks, CFDs, and crypto traders also utilize its powerful charting and automation features.

Although any trader can use the platform for free, the premium option has many more functions. Basic features like simple order executions and simulated trading are available on its web, mobile, and desktop adaptations.

Everyone considering this platform should get the NT Champ subscription. It ensures they get the best technical indicators for analysis and the most informed trading decisions.

There’s room for more traders on this stellar trading platform. Thus, don’t hesitate to share this article on social media for more exposure.

You can also make inquiries, give suggestions, or share your NT8 experience in the Comment Section below

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