Market Motion Bundle for TradingView

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Discover the Perfect Combination of Three Powerful Indicators

Are you still relying on just one index? Do you find yourself frustrated with those misleading false signals? Or perhaps using two indicators seems too complicated, leaving you feeling trapped.

Well, worry no more! We’ve got your back! If you’re considering entering the world of day trading, it’s crucial to have a strong system and a solid education.

If you want to become a successful trader, obtaining professional education is an absolute necessity❗

That’s why we’ve created a completely 🆓 video guide that demonstrates how to effectively utilize not just one or two, but up to THREE indicators simultaneously.

Our education program covers:

✅ The basic of each indicator

✅ How to incorporate our Tradingview indicators with other concepts like support resistance, trendlines, Fibs, and more.

In this video, we’ll introduce you to the perfect combination of three indicators: By utilizing the Harmonic Pattern Pro, we can easily determine the probable direction of price movement. Furthermore, when combining the Logic Day Trading and Divergence Solution, we gain additional confirmation regarding whether price will indeed complete the Harmonic Pattern.