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  • Market Forecaster for MT4


    ✅ Forecasts market turning points with uncanny ACCURACY.
    ✅ Detects high probability trade setups in ALL market conditions.
    ✅ Generates WELL-TIMED alerts of new trends. So you can enter winning trades in a timely manner.

  • Master MACD for MT4


    ✔️ Show alert whenever crossing of MACD line with the signal line occurs, or…
    ✔️ Show alert whenever crossing of MACD line with the zero line occurs, or…
    ✔️ Show alert whenever crossing of Signal line with zero line occurs, or…
    ✔️ Any combination of the above

  • Harmonic Pattern for MT4


    ✅ It detects ALL 6 most accurate harmonic patterns: Gartley, Buterfly, Crab, Bat, Cypher, Shark
    ✅ The indicator also plots all of the component Fibonacci retracement and extension ratios within the pattern…
    ✅ Displays all historical patterns as well as pending & potential patterns…
    ✅ Gives you alerts as soon as a valid pattern forms…

  • MACD Bollinger Pro for MT4


    ✅ Combine 2 of the most popular indicators – MACD and Bollinger Bands
    ✅ Give MORE valid trade signals. And it also ELIMINATES a lot of false signals.
    ✅ In many cases, the indicator is LEADING and could predict a market move even BEFORE it happens.
    ✅ Feature a Multi-Timeframe Dashboard that shows you the current trend on ALL timeframes.

  • Better Oscillator for MT4


    ✅ Signal Clear Market Turning Points Well Before The Price Moves
    ✅ Help you identify excellent entries and exits regardless of what the market is doing: trending or moving sideways.

  • Versatile Super Trend for MT4


    📌 Let you ride the trend to the very end for easy, easy profits.
    📌 Let you define a CUSTOM Moving Average to use in its core engine.
    📌 Give you an alert immediately when it detects a new trend

  • Logic Trendline for MT4


    📌 New “Logic Trendline” Indicator Automatically Draws The CORRECT Trendline For You…
    📌…By Utilizing The Most Accurate Trendline Algorithm… Proven Through Statistical Testing…
    📌 So you can be sure price respects your trendlines more often… your stop loss is safer… and you win more trades…

  • Better Trend Trading for MT4


    ✅  This indicator detects the beginning of major market trends… AND all pullback setups… AND all breakout setups… that happen during those trends.
    ✅  It even identifies market reversals before anyone else could see it coming…
    ✅ Most traders overlook some of the best trading opportunities that an established trend offers. But not you… YOU can spot them all with Better Trend Trading indicator…

  • Price Pattern for MT4


    📌 Head and Shoulders, Ascending / Descending Triangle, Wedge, Double Top / Bottom, Triple Top / Bottom, etc…
    📌 The indicator gives you audio and visual alerts whenever a new pattern appears…
    📌 Spotting these Price Patterns used to be a struggle. No more! This new indicator makes it very, very easy…
    📌 The indicator does all the work while you sit back and enjoy the results…